It’s Hard to Stump ‘The Queen of the Business Lunch’!

I've been speaking on "The Art of the Business Lunch" and building relationships for nearly 10 years now, and have YET to be stumped, so I thought this exercise would really be fun. I asked "What is the WORST thing that has ever happened to you during a business lunch?"

Building Relationships Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

As I move toward the December 8th premiere of "The Keeper of the Keys" - a personal development movie I'm producing - I am amazed at the important role that my business relationships have played in the success and execution of this production.

How Much Love Can You Share?

I think the answer lies in your own comfort zone. Ask yourself how YOU would feel if someone signed an email to you the same way YOU want to sign YOUR emails. In dealing with the EXPERTS who are going to appear in the movie I'm producing, "The Keeper of the Keys," I often sign my emails with "Much love" or "Sending Love Your Way."

Dr. Lisa Mauro – A VERY Special Veterinarian

If you love your pets like children, and you want to know where to take them for outstanding health care, ask for Dr. Lisa Mauro at Haven Animal Hospital.

PCMA Convention Notes

FORBES insights FaceToFace

PCMA convention attendees – and anyone else who wants to view this fantastic report – just click the link here to open the FORBES Insights report on doing business face-to-face.

I predict that meetings will soon become hybrids – a combination of face-to-face meetings with the key decision makers on site and additional attendees  […]

Gratitude for the PERFECT PITCH

Let me start by asking you about how you define yourself; what do you say when you meet someone new? Can you explain who you are and what you do in a tantalizing 10 words or less?