Robin Jay: an Award-winning Author, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Producer, Songwriter, and In-Demand Speaker

Biz-Lunch-coverRobin Jay’s friends and family thought she was crazy when, in 2003, after twenty years of selling advertising, she walked away from a six-figure income that most people only dream of earning. Her belief in the principles of success gave her the confidence to pursue an entirely new career: writing, speaking, and coaching others to success.

Robin Jay: Award-winning Author

Her ability to successfully apply these principles became evident as her first book, “The Art of the Business Lunch ~ Building Relationship Between 12 and 2” (Career Press), won the USA Book News award for “Best Book: Business, Sales,” and has since been sold in twelve languages worldwide.

Robin is a contributor to the noted Chicken Soup for the Soul series with a chapter in Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul – a perfect tie-in to her business lunch expertise. In her chapter, Robin shares how to order wine when out with clients – without letting them take advantage of your expense account!

She is also the publisher of The Power of the Platform anthology series that features chapters from many of today’s most outstanding experts in the fields of personal development and business. The trilogy features chapters from Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and other internationally-recognized speakers.

After publishing the best-selling anthology series, Robin continued creating empowering entertainment as Writer and Producer of The Key Movies, a trilogy of award-winning, inspirational films that star today’s top self-help thought leaders, including Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff, Dannion Brinkley, Kathryn Brinkley, Joe Vitale, and outstanding thought leaders from around the world.

The Keeper of the Keys is the first funny self-help film. The movie won Best Independent Film at the Las Vegas International Film Festival and The INDIE Fest Award for Best Documentary. The film is a groundbreaking hybrid that combines fictional characters interacting with personal development experts. Robin followed up her first film by writing and producing The Secrets of the Keys and Becoming the Keys, two more films that went on to win awards for concept, best original song, and screenwriting.

Sunny's Secrets, a Medical Suspense Thriller, won an American Writing Award

“Sunny’s Secrets,” a Medical Suspense Thriller, Won an American Writing Award for FICTION: Mystery/Suspense

Robin’s most recent projects include coauthoring a memoir with reality TV star Tana Goertz, From the Basement to the White House, which she also published.

Robin Jay, Award-winning Author, Wins Again for Debut Fiction

And in July 2023, Robin released her first novel, Sunny’s Secrets. It’s a suspenseful switching-lives novel. Here’s a short description:

Devastated by the loss of her husband, Sunny, a nurse, is approached by Rohan Ray, a mysterious Indian doctor with a secret, spiritual method for transferring Life Force Energy between two people. Desperate to save her patients, she accepts his intriguing offer to join his elite and clandestine team.

With lives hanging in the balance – and no easy solutions in sight – Sunny must make tough calls about capturing the Life Force Energy from unwary “donors” who are about to throw away their lives. But playing with fate isn’t for the faint of heart. Can Sunny give herself permission to decide who lives and who dies? Or will the unorthodox life-and-death responsibility be too much for her to bear?  For a full description and to read a sample, click here to visit Amazon. 

Robin Jay: Award-winning Author, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Life Coach, Mentor, & Publisher

Today, as an award-winning author, filmmaker, screenwriter, and songwriter, Robin is excited to help others pursue their dreams. She speaks, is a mentor, a publisher, and now… a novelist. Her list of published and produced works is impressive:

Robin Jay's Collection of Books & Films

Robin has written and/or published non-fiction business books and anthologies, a memoir for a reality TV star, a novel, and three award-winning inspirational films.

Here is just a sample of the global media outlets who have relied on Robin to share her business expertise as “The Queen of the Business Lunch.”

Speaker/Author Robin Jay has been interviewed by national and international media outlets for her expertise on sales and business relationships.

Robin said, “When I first became a published author, countless media outlets scrambled to interview me about The Art of the Business Lunch. I not only loved promoting my book, but I also love sharing how other speaking professionals can get this type of incredible, international publicity.