Here is just a small sample of comments about Robin Jay and her presentations.

Betty LeDoux-Morris, CMP, LeDoux Meeting Management, Inc. shared, Your practical approach to the subject and the level of comfort you created immediately was incredible. It was very obvious that you are indeed passionate about the topics on which you speak. I appreciated the way you immediately endeared yourself to an audience in a manner that I consider to be rare. Thank you Robin for sharing your knowledge – it was a great experience and I am very grateful that I had the foresight to select your presentation to attend.”

MPI-logoLarissa Schultz, Director of Professional Development for the Southern California Chapter of Meeting Professionals International said, We have been getting great reviews from your presentation and our fickle attendees really enjoyed the information you had to share.  Your ability to interact on a very personal level with the large audience and deliver such a content-rich message with information that can be immediately implemented by the attendees was the perfect fit for our audience.  Your humor, your self-awareness and your ability to ‘read’ your audience and modify the presentation as needed left us wanting more and more.”

wynn-logoKarolyn Graves-Rhodes, Executive Director of Regional Sales for Wynn | Encore, Las Vegas wrote, “You are amazing!  I have never learned so much and had so much fun at any MPI meeting, let alone a breakfast meeting!!  I congratulate you on your personal and professional achievements. You are inspirational to all who are fortunate to meet you.”

riverside-bureauChris Diaz, Sales Manager, Riverside Convention Bureau said, “I have to let you know that I’m looking forward to reading The Art of the Business Lunch on my flight Monday morning (business trip – with several meal dates on the schedule). I’ll finally have some time to sit and enjoy! Your presentation was spectacular! I was the one cracking up – maybe a little too loudly! But I really enjoyed it!”

community-first-logoMarion Richardson, Director, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Community First Health Plans, Inc. wrote, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave Monday (4/27/09) afternoon. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. I loved your session and hopefully I will have the opportunity to see you again and/or attend another speaking engagement in the future. When recommending a speaker you will be first on my list.  I love the fact that you incorporate humor in your presentations.  To me, that is the key to a good speaker.  So many times I attend seminars, conferences, and while the speaker is knowledgeable, I have a difficult time “staying with them.”  I’m a firm believer that humor plays a large part in the education process.”

lotus-logoLOTUS COMMUNICATIONS CORP. ~ Howard A. Kalmenson, Pres. & CEO, Lotus Communications Corp wrote, “Thank you for speaking at our annual manager’s meeting this month. “The Art of the Business Lunch—Building Relationships Between 12 and 2” really hit home for our team.

The point you made about the importance of introducing a social aspect into your client relationships as a means of building stronger, more productive relationships is solid. I was so impressed that I am going to establish a mandate requiring my executives to conduct a specific number of business meals each week.

Thank you again for your presentation. It was the perfect “shot in the arm” that we all needed to hear.”

spr-logo~ Douglas Rossier, Executive Vice President & COO, SPR Companies wrote, “Thanks to your presentation, I know my employees will never again have to worry about turning in bloated expense receipts. You showed them how to take control of any dining situation, including how to order wine without feeling intimidated by wine lovers.

Also, by creating a better understanding of the four distinct personality dimensions and how they interact with each other, my team was immediately able to recognize specific behaviors. In fact, soon after your presentation, we had a situation that was easily diagnosed and remedied because we could clearly see that it was the core personalities of the employees involved that were driving their actions.

I know that because of your presentation, we will not just be able to increase our sales, but will also be better able to avoid conflict and create a greater sense of harmony in the workplace.”

~ Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant – “The quality of your relationship with your client is the determining factor in successful business; Robin shows you how to develop this at a high level.”

LAMAR Outdoor Advertising

LAMAR Outdoor Advertising

LAMAR Outdoor Advertising; ~ Judy Owen, Assist. General Manager

“…. Not only is Robin knowledgeable from personal experience, but her delivery kept us captivated. If a salesperson ever wondered why they were here, she certainly worked to show the way, as well as the importance of what we are doing here.  Her book is a must-read!

Her presentation was exciting and precise. As I hire new salespeople, I will be inviting her back. I recommend her presentation – without hesitation – to any business that has a sales team eager to increase their business.”

~ Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and co-author of The Success Principles” “A big part of success comes from the relationships you are able to build; Robin teaches one of the best ways to build them – by sharing a meal.”

Andy Chen, Professional Development Chair, AKP, University of California, San Diego wrote, “Robin Jay was extremely sensitive to the needs of my organization and created a highly customized presentation that was exactly what I’d envisioned and more.” ~

Jeffrey Gitomer, author ofThe Sales Bible & The Little Red Book of Selling” wrote, “The Art of the Business Lunch” is pivotal to the science of selling. I have maintained for years that lunch is the best place to build a relationship and make a sale. Robin’s got the recipe for ‘Lean Cuisine and Fat Checks.’

Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Traurig

Catherine M. Luce, Client & Community Relations Coordinator, Greenberg Traurig, Attorneys at Law wrote, “Ms. Jay spoke to a group of our shareholders, associate attorneys and management staff… We were impressed that she took the time to tailor her presentation to the specific issues and needs of a law firm; as a result, it was very much on-point and well-received by everyone in attendance.”

image-words-logoRuth Furman, President, ImageWords wrote, “Using your tips has helped me manage situations flawlessly, avoiding situations that used to be awkward before. I use your suggestions about everything from cocktails to ordering. Robin, you are a gem and a superb resource.”