Award-winning Author & Filmmaker Robin Jay on The Keys to Success

"The Keeper of the Keys" - Robin Jay's award-winning funny personal development film

“The Keeper of the Keys” – Robin Jay’s award-winning funny personal development film. Robin is single-handedly “Taking the ‘Hell’ Out of Self-help”!

Award-winning Filmmaker, Publisher, Author, & Motivational Speaker Robin Jay knows what it takes to succeed. Robin wrote, produced, and costarred in The Keeper of the Keys, the first funny personal development film. The movie stars success guru Jack Canfield, relationship expert John Gray, and happiness expert Marci Shimoff. The film won Best Independent Film at the Las Vegas International Film Festival and Best Documentary from The INDIE Fest.

In the film, Jack states, “When your vocation feels like a vacation, you have arrived.” Robin agrees; she has been enjoying success while living her dream. She knows what it takes, too, ever since resigning from a 6-figure career to engage her creative passions.

In this entertaining program, you’ll discover why the SEVEN KEYS that Robin featured in her film are critical to your success and overall happiness. Plus, Robin will reveal the importance of a special eighth key – the powerful secret weapon that has helped her to achieve award-winning success in several fields. Find out how to excel at everything you do and enjoy life more.

In this exciting and entertaining program, Robin will share:

  • The 7 Keys – and why they are essential for your happiness and success
  • The powerful 8th Key – and how it can instantly transform your life
  • How the world’s most successful people get to the top of their field
  • Shameless Secrets for promoting yourself and your business
  • The #1 reason that businesses fail

This program is content-rich; you will come away inspired and informed, eager to put the keys to YOUR success into play immediately! You will discover who is The Keeper of the Keys in your life and business and how understanding this will lead you to your greatest success ever.