Speaker Robin Jay on The KEYS to Sales Success

Robin Jay Shares her Secrets in “The KEYS to Sales Success”

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Robin Jay: The KEYS to Increasing Sales  

Award-winning author, speaker, and filmmaker Robin Jay says that personalizing your business is still the most essential key to increasing sales and achieving your greatest success. The Quality and Quantity of your relationships will determine your bottom line.

The reason it is critical to become a Business Relationship Expert is because people prefer to do business with people they like. As Robin shares in her engaging keynote presentation, “We all have choices.” Robin proves her point by asking the guests in her audiences if they ever go out of their way to patronize a business – a restaurant, a dry cleaner, or retailer – because they prefer how they are treated at the less convenient location. The answer is always 100%! If a customer doesn’t like you, they have options; they can and WILL go somewhere else. That is why it’s important for everyone in business to understand the importance of building productive business relationships and to know the right way to do this. Robin shares the keys to building relationships that will pay dividends now and for years to come.

Being able to consistently connect with others on a deeper level is one of the key factors that will bring you success. Whether texting, connecting through social media, networking, on sales calls, at conferences, or on the phone with clients, it is critical that you know how to build high-yield business relationships.

Robin is a Business Relationship & Sales Expert who shares techniques to help business professionals improve how they connect with others to immediately increase sales and achieve greater success. Whether face-to-face or digitally, Robin will transform the way you interact with others, helping you to build improved, more committed relationships that will result in more closed sales. Robin’s unique ability to inspire and motivate with humor and memorable anecdotes makes her one of today’s most popular speakers.

Cultivating existing relationships while developing new ones can be overwhelming, especially when combined with the demands of social media and staying in front of your clients. Robin shares how building relationships today differs from the days of the 3-martini lunch… and how certain aspects remain the same, in spite of the pace at which technology has become a driving factor in all business.

Building Relationships Helps Increase Sales

Technology can be a tremendous asset once you understand how it can bring you closer to your clients and prospects. Robin shares how you can build business relationships to increase sales, and how technology can help. She says, “The fact that people prefer to do business with people they like hasn’t changed. And, whether you are able to meet your clients face-to-face or you deal mostly in digital communication, the goals are the same.” Robin helps people find ways to make building business relationships more fun, more productive, and more profitable.

In her outstanding new keynote, Robin shares how to Increase Sales both digitally and in person.  She will share how to balance your online time with quality face time to build profitable business relationships that produce RESULTS. Discover how to transcend technology to build relationships that WORK – for you AND your clients!

In The KEYS to Increasing Sales, audiences will discover:

  • The importance of quality “Face Time”
  • Secrets to becoming invaluable to clients
  • The importance of networking and socializing and how to do it effectively for maximum return on your investment
  • Alternative ways to build relationships, in person and long-distance
  • The “secret” ingredient to building successful relationships
  • How to become more transparent to others and why it’s crucial that you do so
  • Adaptability; how staying ahead of the curve will put you ahead of your competition

What The KEYS to Increasing Sales Can Mean to You

Robin’s program offers the very latest, most relevant techniques for building business relationship success, in an engaging, entertaining, and content-rich program.