Business Meal Etiquette Expert Robin Jay

Business Meal Etiquette Expert Robin Jay Shares Tips for How to Succeed at The Art of the Business Lunch

The Business Lunch: Breaking Bread to Increase Sales

  • Business Lunches help your clients see you as a real person…not a necessary evil
  • Are you able to build productive business relationships with ease?
  • Do you have all the business you can handle?
  • Is your client’s loyalty so great that they refuse to work with anyone else?

Business lunches can be the key to increasing sales. No matter what business you are in, you can improve your business by introducing a social aspect into your business relationships. People prefer to do business with people they like, and there is no better way to get to know someone than by breaking bread with them. Building better relationships will result in increased sales. But a lot can go wrong IF you are not prepared!

Robin Jay is a Business Relationship Expert who has hosted more than 3,000 business lunches and saw her sales increase by more than 2,000%! With more than 20 years of successful sales experience, Robin learned how to take advantage of mealtimes – including power lunches, breakfasts, networking events, and virtually any social outing, to build solid, high-endurance, profitable relationships.

Robin’s method for hosting successful business lunches has been featured nationally in Newsweek Magazine, MSNBC-TV, the BBC, and In “The Art of the Business Lunch,” based on her award-winning book of the same name, she reveals how anyone can discover a better, more effective way to conduct business.

Robin has a “Special” secret for making her clients choose to work with her, instead of her competition, time and time again. You, too, can become a business relationship expert and enjoy increased sales and greater success – both personally and professionally!

Along with do’s and don’ts for hosting a business lunch, audiences will also discover:

  • The importance of socializing with clients
  • Appropriate appearances
  • How to get the first lunch date with someone who won’t return your calls
  • Getting past the gate keepers
  • How to choose the right restaurant for a business lunch; which restaurants to avoid
  • What’s the one entrée you should NEVER order at a business lunch?
  • Is it ever okay to order alcohol when out with clients?
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid at a networking event
  • How to avoid awkward silence
  • When to bring up the subject of business
  • How to settle the check discreetly
  • The “Special” secret that will improve all relationships, professional and personal

Robin’s presentation will result in increased sales for everyone who applies her principles and techniques for building better, more significant business relationships.