Robin Jay in the recording studio

This was a production day in a tremendous recording studio in Henderson, NV.

I’ve produced voiceover work for more than 20 years, having worked for Visitel Network and Watch It Media, who both catered to the convention business in Las Vegas. I would often read page after page of technical terms for tech conferences as well as for international clients. I remember asking the engineers if I pronounced a word correctly and they would say, “I hope so!” It was so much fun to work with an engineer!

Before that, I worked in Radio and Television. My clients often requested I do their voiceover recordings because I knew exactly what they wanted and what kind of read they needed to promote their products or services. And I wanted their promos to work for them. There’s nothing better than happy clients!

Since those early days of my voiceover career, I’ve learned how to be my own engineer, editing audio and video clips. I have a home studio now. My first project in it was to produce the audiobook version of my award-winning novel, “Sunny’s Secrets.” It’s 9 hours, 20 minutes. I accomplished that in just under a week.

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I have produced three inspirational films (2011, 2015, and 2019.)  During production on the second movie, we filmed a scene at Solana Beach in Southern California. It was as noisy as you might expect, with waves crashing into the shore. In post-production, my sound engineer needed me to do some ADR work. I’d never done ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) before. It involves re-recording a track in a quieter environment while matching my words to my lips moving on the screen. In one way, it’s a little like lip syncing to a song you know very well. But, it’s actually very different, because I need to read a script I didn’t have memorized while simultaneously watching the screen to make sure I matched the words perfectly to my lips! It was a huge success and a wonderful experience. I look forward to doing it again for explainer videos, anime, or other voiceover/narration work.

Check out my audiobook demo reel and my commercial VO demo reel. They’ll each give you a quick sample of what I can do. If you’d like me to record a sample of YOUR special project, please contact me immediately: Robin at RobinJay dot com. I look forward to working with you.