The BEST Pet Care in Las Vegas is Dr. Lisa Mauro at HAVEN ANIMAL HOSPITAL

Whenever I speak on building relationships, I always stress the importance of making others feel special – and today it’s MY turn to give Dr. Lisa Mauro, the owner of Haven Animal Hospital, my most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Those who know me know that my 11-year old Shih Tzu  Georgie means the world to me. For those of us whose dogs are our “children,” seeing them in pain or distress is indescribable – even for someone like me, a writer.  We need to know that the care we are giving them is the best available anywhere.

Georgie Chillin' in Her Stroller

Georgie is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. Seriously, she stops traffic. People ooh and ahh when they see her. Of course, being such a diva, she takes it all in as if she was Angelina Jolie on the red carpet. She is light beige with the most amazing, long black eyelashes.

People stop us on the street to ask how I glue on her eyelashes.  (Can you imagine a dog owner doing that?! I can’t!) When I tell them she is a natural beauty and those are real, they can’t believe it. I smooth her hair and lashes back so they can see that they are, indeed, natural. Often, they ask if they can snap her photo. She is my pride and joy and my little comedienne and she fills my days with love and light.

Today, Georgie went in for surgery to have a lump removed from her back leg. I thought it was a cyst, the kind she’s had before, but it soon became apparent that this one was different. It was wicked and was growing very rapidly. I knew we had to have it removed, but surgery on a dog who is 11.5 years old is never something to take lightly.

I Was So Happy to Celebrate the Opening of Haven Animal Hospital with Dr. Lisa Mauro

Dr. Mauro took exceptional care of my precious little girl. She opened Haven Animal Hospital last year because she wanted to create a facility where she could care for pets in the best possible way – and as a 36-year resident of Las Vegas, I can swear that I’ve never seen a facility as extraordinary as this or a doctor who is SO CARING. “Haven” is the perfect name.

And, you know that if I trust Dr. Mauro with Georgie’s life, she’s got to be amazing! The hospital is a state-of-the-art facility and Dr. Mauro treats all her patients as if they were her own.

I’m delighted to share that Georgie is sleeping soundly right now. She had a traumatic day and she’s exhausted. But she’s home, she’s on the mend, and I have Dr. Lisa to thank. I’ve never experienced this level of care before at any animal hospital in Las Vegas. If you love your pets like children, and you want to know where to take them for outstanding health care, take them to Dr. Lisa Mauro at Haven Animal Hospital. The phone number there is 702-260-6260 – and they are at Robindale and Rainbow, which is easily accessible from nearly anywhere in Las Vegas.