Are you interested in becoming a PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER?

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, please take a few moments to read this message from Robin.

palm-tree-vistaImagine this is your life:

You are flying to Hawaii. As you settle in to your seat in Business Class, the man in the next seat greets you. The flight attendant pours champagne for the two of you. You strike up a conversation. Your fellow passenger asks you where you are going to in Hawaii. You tell him you are going to Maui. “On vacation?” he asks. “No,” you reply, “for work.” Interested, he asks, “What do you do?” You smile and answer, “I’m a motivational speaker.” You love what you do…getting paid to speak. You know that you are helping people improve their lives AND you make a darn good living doing it.

Now, imagine you’re flying home, after a tremendously successful engagement in Maui. You think about the $10,000.00 check in your wallet and smile. Then, you think about all the checks, cash, and credit card receipts from the products and programs you sold that are also in your wallet. How much did you really earn speaking in Maui? You haven’t even had time to tally it up yet, but you’re fairly certain you are bringing home at LEAST $20,000.00 all together. The flight attendant comes by and you ask her for a glass of champagne. You have a lot to celebrate!

Imagine doing what you love and getting paid incredibly well for it, AND knowing that you are doing good work, helping others to live their best life ever. Does it get any better than that? This life can be yours. But, first you need to understand the basics.

  • Speaking professionally is a BUSINESS – an industry – and you need to know how it works before you will be able to make a living doing it!
  • Most speakers fail to understand or accept the truth about this incredible industry.
  • Most speakers don’t even have enough money to put gas in their cars, let alone to create the products and marketing materials they need to become a successful speaker.
  • This is a career and you need to invest in yourself if you are serious about doing this for a living.

The rewards can be tremendous. Discovering the right way to become a professional speaker will save you thousands in the long run and put you on the fast track to speaking success.

Robin Jay is one of the best speaker coaches available. She is eager to share her insights and help you to develop your talent and skills. But, Robin does more than most speaker coaches. Robin will also share with you the secrets to MONETIZING your speaking career.

Robin knows hundreds of speakers who – when they finally do get a speaking engagement – can’t even afford to get to there! When a “professional speaker” tells you they are working 100 events a year, ask them how many of those dates are PAID engagements. Their answer will surprise you – IF they answer honestly. The truth is this:

  • Very FEW people who call themselves professional speakers are actually making a living as speakers.
  • At a recent National Speakers Association conference, it was revealed that 95% of their members earned less than $50,000.00 a year from speaking.
  • Most speakers are either eking out a living or supplementing their speaking career by working another job.
  • Speaking professionally should NOT be a hobby!

Your success as a speaker will depend on many things:

  • public-speakerBecoming proficient at delivering a message,
  • your interpersonal skills in working with meeting planners,
  • developing an outstanding personal brand & duplicating that brand everywhere,
  • becoming a best-selling author,
  • a productive website,
  • a content-rich newsletter and other outstanding marketing materials,
  • videos – posted everywhere; on your Website, on social media sites, on YouTube, and more,
  • the amount of time you’re willing to invest in sales and marketing, and

much, much more. What about the actual part where you speak? That is just a very small part of being a professional speaker!

Keeping all this in mind, if you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, and are looking for the most comprehensive speaker launching program available today, contact Robin Jay today! Why not take advantage of someone who has discovered the secrets to speaking success?

Hiring Robin as your speaking coach will save you years of time and thousands of dollars. She understands the industry. Not only will she help you to deliver masterful presentations, but with Robin guiding you, you’ll also discover how to MONETIZE your speaking career. From writing skills to speaking skills, to delivering high-impact Power Point presentations, Robin will help you every step of the way. AND – she will show you how to EARN THOUSANDS of DOLLARS EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK! Call today for a consultation; 702-460-1420 or e-mail Robin with your request to set up an appointment at

If your goal is to become a highly paid, professional speaker, call Robin today! 702-460-1420