Every once in a while, we get to experience something wonderful: a gesture of gratitude that takes our breath away. I was fortunate enough to experience this recently.

Let me start by asking you about how you define yourself; what do you say when you meet someone new? Can you explain who you are and what you do in a tantalizing 10 words or less?

Steve Phillips, a motivational coach and speaker, emailed me from across the pond to ask how he could perfect his pitch (ELEVATOR PITCH: A brief description of who you are and what you do, used when meeting someone new, particularly at networking events.) A great pitch is always 10 words or less. It should be concise, yet open the floor to further questions. I’ve heard many elevator pitches that simply made me want to leave…and am amazed at how some people are at a complete loss when it comes to defining themselves.

The best ones are intriguing, like an advertising headline. Don Boyer, for example, says, “I help people solve problems.” This is even better than “I’m a problem solver” because it makes it about “THEM” – the people to whom you are speaking.

I often say “I help people to realize their dreams.” As a writer, speaker, and life coach, (and “The Queen of the Business Lunch”!), I have become a Business Relationship Expert. However, I’ve also experienced a great deal in my life and, as a mentor, I can help others to avoid mistakes, see their options more clearly, and narrow down their “definite chief aim.”

Steve was having a challenge because – as most people in the field of personal development – he is busy doing many things. He hosts his own seminars, coaches individuals – particularly in overcoming addiction and destructive behavior – and he is a writer, and a speaker. What a mouthful! No wonder he was having a challenge getting his pitch down to 10 words or less.

He knew he had a problem, because he was losing people in the first sentence or two, leaving them more confused than ever, overwhelming them with too much information.

I helped him by encouraging him to FOCUS on the desired outcome. “Do you want people to hire you as a coach? Do you want them to hire you as a speaker? Do you want them to hire you to put on an event?” Unless YOU are clear about what you want to accomplish, how can you tell others – especially in just a few words!?!?!

By sharing some thoughts and direction with Steve, he was able to come up with a better pitch that IMMEDIATELY started to net better results. I was happy to help.

I was delighted, however, when Steve took the time to record a video testimonial about his experience working with me! Steve, thank you so much. I am regularly asked if an e-mail thank you is acceptable, versus a hand written thank you note. From now on, I am going to encourage my audiences to post a video blog (or Linked In Recommendation!) as the best way to say THANK YOU!!! I’m delighted to share his video: