What Does a Professional Speaker Know that Could Help You?

Anyone who has ever had to sit through a dull program knows what NOT to do! But, how do you go about creating a program that will have audiences come to their feet? What are the secrets for designing a compelling, engaging presentation?

Robin Jay Shares Presentation Skills with HCCA

Robin Jay Shares Presentation Skills with HCCA

And, how does one go about improving the look and readability of written documents? Is there a way to make your ideas seem to jump off the page? What is the meaning of “Plain English”? How much text is too much?

Say “NO!” to “Death by PowerPoint”!

You will discover these tricks of the trade. Robin can turn anyone into a crowd-pleasing presenter. Say “NO” to “Death by PPT” and “YES” to standing ovations!

This delicious content can be presented as a keynote, 2-part, or half-day program.

Part I: Mastering Effective Presentation and Speaking Techniques

  • How to work a room, whatever room you’re in
  • Using humor appropriately
  • The 10 biggest mistakes most speakers make
  • Create exciting PowerPoint presentations that will keep you and your audience on track
  • Using videos, audio clips, and cartoons to make your point
  • How a great anecdote can make stories unforgettable
  • Ways to make your program more interactive
  • How much information is enough … and what is too much?
  • Knowing the hidden secret of the master close

Part II: Greater Success through Improved Writing Skills

  • What do you need to know about writing for the public and why is it different?
  • Why is proofreading so important?
  • How can writing effectively improve other’s perceptions of you?
  • Why getting published will lend additional credibility
  • The truth about publishing and how it can help you move ahead in business

This program is a crash course in communication and presentation skills. Attendees will gain increased comprehension of how people relate to one another, plus tips and techniques for improving their own ability to communicate more effectively.  Whether writing reports, documents, or simple e-mails, learning to “Write Tight” in “Plain English” will increase comprehension and save time.

Discovering a better way to create and deliver Power Point presentations for maximum effectiveness and drama will have others eager to learn more and collaborate with you more consistently. The impressive information in this presentation will improve communication immediately … not just among team members, but for everyone with whom you do business.

As an award-winning author and speaker, Robin coaches aspiring speakers and writers to success.