“The Secret” Meets “Harry Potter” in My New Film

Why can't someone produce a personal development movie that would be fun to watch? I decided to produce it and I started by asking Stephen Simon to be my mentor.

More Answers to Big Business Lunch Questions

... most challenges or problems that come up at business lunches are more common than people think. Here are some answers to the most common problems.

The KEEPER of the KEYS: Pre-production Begins!

Pre-production has begun on "The KEEPER of the KEYS" - a personal development movie starring Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff - that will empower viewers by introducing them to the Universal Laws and by sharing how they can make these laws - or "KEYS" work to positively transform their own lives.

Dr. Lisa Mauro – A VERY Special Veterinarian

If you love your pets like children, and you want to know where to take them for outstanding health care, ask for Dr. Lisa Mauro at Haven Animal Hospital.

PCMA Convention Notes

FORBES insights FaceToFace

PCMA convention attendees – and anyone else who wants to view this fantastic report – just click the link here to open the FORBES Insights report on doing business face-to-face.

I predict that meetings will soon become hybrids – a combination of face-to-face meetings with the key decision makers on site and additional attendees  […]

How Come I Don’t Weigh 300 Pounds?

Agricultural subsidies have the net effect of reducing the costs of food production and allowing food manufacturers, restaurant companies, and fast food chains to increase portion size while reducing food costs.