Discover how YOU can earn THOUSANDS every time you speak!

Get PAID to Speak! 7/28 & 7/29 in Las Vegas

If you are a speaker or a coach, why not earn more money in a one hour speech than most earn in an entire month?

Waiting for Speakers Bureaus Looking for Motivational Speakers

This truly is the Best Kept Secret in our industry. Most speakers are out there waiting for a call to come in from a meeting planner or speakers bureau for a $1K,  $5K, or $10K keynote. (Believe me – as President of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I hear from seasoned speakers EVERY WEEK who are struggling to make ends meet! They hope that one special keynote will put them ahead of thousands of other speakers who are speaking on the same topic.) Why wait for this to happen when you can guarantee that you’ll make THOUSANDS of DOLLARS every time you speak – regardless of your topic!

What is the Secret to Earning Thousands as a PAID Speaker?

The secret to making $10,000.00 per speaking engagement does NOT lie in being an excellent and talented speaker. Go to almost any seminar and you will find speakers that make you laugh and cry, who will educate, stun, and amaze you all in one speech. They’ve got the looks, talent, and skills. But after they’ve finished speaking, they pray that they have enough gas money to make it home!

Talent is great and it is always important to sharpen and improve your presentation skills. But I have seen speakers earn well over $10,000.00 per speaking engagement for a presentation that was as dull as a butter knife and about as sharp as a marble. How do they DO IT?!

Discover How to Become a PAID Motivational Speaker

Are you ready to discover their secret? Now, you can – at the Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp. (Scroll down to see who will be our exciting GUEST speakers!) This boot camp is not about presentation skills. This is about how to earn THOUSANDS of dollars as a SPEAKER! It’s about how using Science & Psychology can guarantee that you will earn thousands every time you speak. (When I studied this method, I earned back my tuition THE VERY NEXT TIME I SPOKE! And, so did my friend who took this class with me. Want to find out what WE know?!)

I proved to myself again just how powerful these methods are. Last week, I spoke at a local business owners conference and sold more than $5,000 after just a 30-minute presentation. And, I did it by using the very techniques that I am going to share with you at my boot camp.

July 28th & 29th are ALMOST here! Don’t let this opportunity slip away.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to present this material again; this is the only opportunity I have to present it for 2012.

Meet Special Guest Speaker Gloria Loring at the Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp

And don’t worry about a huge time commitment! I am not a fan of those endless, ALL WEEKEND LONG programs! My Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp is from 10AM – 5PM on Saturday and 10AM to 4PM on Sunday – leaving you plenty of time to shop, spend time with your family or friends, and enjoy a nice dinner at home. I want to help you Fast Forward to becoming a PAID SPEAKER!

Special Guest Speakers Gloria Loring & Kathryn Peters-Brinkley

Gloria Loring- from Days of Our Lives and mother of singing sensation Robin Thicke, and


Famed Author & Spiritual Life Coach Kathryn Peters-Brinkley

Kathryn Peters-Brinkley – Famed author, speaker, and spiritual life coach.

These incredible women will be on hand to share their expertise. Their segments will be entertaining and informative.

For more information or to sign up, just click here. If you only attend ONE EVENT all year, I guarantee you THIS is the one that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Hope to see you there.

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