“TERMINAL SWITCHER” – a Fascinating New Novel by Author Robin Jay

Imagine if You Could Capture "Life Force Energy"

Imagine if You Could Capture Someone’s “Life Force Energy” in Your Hands

In “Terminal Switcher,” the new novel by author Robin Jay, nurse Sunny Monroe faces a profound moral dilemma.

If you could capture the “Life Force Energy” of someone intent on committing suicide, and impart it into a terminally ill person in order to save them, would you? 

Sunny Monroe is a compassionate, sympathetic nurse who has to watch her patients die whenever medicine fails them. Many of them are young, and would otherwise have their whole life waiting in front of them. Instead, they are withering away in a hospital, with doctors who are out of options. Imagine if you were a nurse and someone gave you the opportunity to capture “Life Force Energy” from someone who was hell bent on taking their own life. And, you could then impart that energy into someone who was dying. Would you be able to focus on the desired outcome: saving your patient?

Author Robin Jay Announces Her New Novel

“Terminal Switcher” is Author Robin Jay‘s first novel. Robin is an award-winning non-fiction author, motivational speaker, and publisher of “The Power of the Platform” non-fiction series that features such self-help icons as Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown. She has also written, produced, and starred in three inspirational films, collectively known as “The Key Movies.”

Robin is always looking for new, unique ways to inspire her audiences; her new novel is no

"Terminal Switcher"

Robin Jay is Seeking Representation for Her New Novel, “Terminal Switcher”

different. She takes readers on the emotional journey of Sunny Monroe. Sunny loses her father when she’s just 17. From that point on, she steps up to help her family and, after becoming a nurse, her patients. She falls in love with a handsome Air Force pilot who is admitted to the ER in critical condition. Their relationship blossoms. When he’s sent on a mission to Afghanistan, a suicide bomber her world changes forever.

“Life Force Energy” and “Suiciders”

Sunny is soon presented with an opportunity to swap out “Life Force Energy” between people who are about to end their lives and impart it into her terminally ill patients. These patients don’t know why their conditions suddenly improve. Will the unorthodox life-and-death responsibility become too much for Sunny to bear? As a debut novel, “Terminal Switcher” is impressive. Robin is currently seeking representation for this completed project.