I gave up watching “regular” television…


No More “Regular” streaming TV for this girl!

…and now my dad says I’m the smartest person he knows. He’s dumbfounded over how much information I know across a vast array of topics. To be honest, I didn’t give up watching ALL television.

But, I’ve learned a ton since I stopped watching streaming TV and got very particular about what I DO watch. And I’m not fascinated by just one area of interest. I’m all over the place! It depends on the time of day and the mood I’m in. Sometimes, I can’t focus on business. Other times, I’m eating it up and taking notes! I’m including links to the experts I’m mentioning here for your convenience. Check them out!

  • Thanks to Stansberry Research with Daniela Cambone, I know all the investment gurus, silver and gold investors and miners, stock market experts, and money guys and gals. I try to tell my dad about what Jim Rickards, Lynette Zang, or Gregory Mannarino just said. I watch financial forecasts and other videos that many people might think are boring, but I’m hanging on their every word!
  • Last June, I went on the KETO diet. I’d tried it before, a few years earlier, and I failed miserably. But that was before I watched videos. This time, I had better support and learned how to do it the right way. I found Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry. I never thought I’d be a person who watched “TV Doctors” but these pros do their research and they know their stuff! Dr. Berry wrote a book titled, “Lies My Doctor Told Me,” and he enlightens viewers to the truth about cholesterol, statins, and the PHD – Proper Human Diet. I think my dad is tired of hearing about all this, as we differ on our approaches to diets. He likes five or six small meals a day and I like Intermittent Fasting. I’m down 25 pounds from when I started, so I tell him we should just agree to disagree, and then we bicker about it.
  • I’ve learned about Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Diet) and other experts, many of whom have been interviewed by Tom Bilyeu on his show Impact Theory, a tremendous interview show. Lewis Howes has “School of Greatness” and interviews experts on abundance, motivation, and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Wow! I have watched countless shows on AI and how to use it in my life. I want to learn one of the art programs and see what I can do with it.
  • My latest obsession is Print on Demand for online stores. I’m learning a TON! When I share what I’ve learned with my dad, he tells me I know more than anyone else he knows, and sometimes he talks to 35 people in one day. He asks me how I know so much. I just tell him, “I watch videos, Dad.”
  • There are countless experts who share their expertise online. Sure, they have affiliate links in their descriptions and have other ways to monetize their messages, but it’s not as intrusive as commercials on TV. If you’re interested, check it out. No pressure.
  • At night, when I just can’t think anymore, I watch Golf YouTubers like Rick Shiels, GM Golf,Good Good Golf, and Bob Does Sports. They’re all hilarious. And, IMHO, they make the PGA look positively BORING!

About a year ago, I realized I was paying more than $100 a month to watch live golf, but it wasn’t about the money. I only saw an occasional movie or reruns of people shopping for new houses on my expensive streaming television. It wasn’t just a complete waste of $100, it was a waste of my time. And THAT is what bothered me most about streaming TV. Even if I was only watching during meals or for an hour in the evening, I was not entertained or engaged. And, FWIW, all my friends complain about their cable bills, and most are paying well over $200 a month! For what? To zone out and watch nothing? (Okay, maybe some sports, but does that justify it?)

Now I watch videos. Some days, I take in so much information, I think my brain might explode! I upgraded to YouTube premium a few months ago. It curates content for me based on my viewing habits. Dang it… they get it right so much of the time! I have a real LOVE-HATE relationship with them. But you can ask me ANYTHING about nearly ANY subject and I can probably give you an answer. Dad calls me every day to ask me questions and I haven’t had to answer, “I don’t know” yet.

Dr. Jay & Robin Jay at the Red Carpet Premiere for "The Keeper of the Keys"

Dr. Jay & Robin Jay at the Red Carpet Premiere for “The Keeper of the Keys”