Must-see Limited Engagement @ the WYNN Las Vegas

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 36 years. I’ve seen it all, or so I thought. My 81-year old father continually reminds me of how jaded and cynical I am. I, on the other hand, feel I’m a better critic of what is really outstanding. I don’t fall for schlock dressed up to look like talent. I saw Elvis on his comeback tour in 1970. I saw Jimi Hendrix (Okay, I was barely a teenager, but his psychadelic performance was permanently etched on my young mind!) I’ve seen shows some people never even imagined.

While building my reputation as “The Queen of the Business Lunch” in advertising sales, I was fortunate enough to get media invitations to most of the shows and restaurants that opened in Las Vegas over the past 30 years.

That is why I have to share my thoughts on the newest, limited engagement at the Wynn Las Vegas: “Sinatra: Dance With Me.”

I have never seen a show quite like this. In a word, it’s BRILLIANT! Conception and choreography is all Twila Tharp, who also directed this show. It is fresh, innovative, and engaging. (So engaging, in fact, I didn’t even look at my watch once! For me, that’s saying a LOT!) The music is Sinatra. Sinatra himself would LOVE this production.

There is not a line of dialogue. Instead, we see dancers in a nightclub dance their way through a love story. The music is Sinatra’s original studio recordings backed by a 17-piece big band. I hate to say this, but it’s not long before you forget that Sinatra himself is not on stage singing. His voice was at its finest – every note precise and on the money. The dancing is incredible – I felt as if I was watching a classic painting that moved.

The show is scheduled to appear at the Encore Theater through 1/29/11 – but hopefully, if ticket sales are strong, the property will decide to keep it around indefinitely. This is a hit. You can trust me.  I saw Sinatra “live” at Caesars Palace and I can tell you honestly, THIS was better!