Robin Jay is not just a PAID speaker, she is also President of the LVCSB

As President of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I hear every week from speakers who want to earn more. Getting listed with a bureau is NOT the answer. But I know what is! I work with speakers and clients from around the world. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get an email or a call from a speaker somewhere in the world who wants to get listed with the bureau so they can start earning thousands speaking. (See below for a few heart-wrenching examples!)

Most people think a successful speaker is one who made the crowd laugh or cry, or who educates and informs their audience. This is not the key to being a successful speaker! Being a successful speaker is when you get PAID to speak! And, I can show anyone how to do this.

Companies and organizations don’t always have a big budget to book speakers. But, once you discover how to become a PAID speaker, the doors will open and you can instantly start earning thousands – EVERY time you speak! This truly is the best kept secret in our industry.

Most speakers are out there waiting for the call to come in from a meeting planner or bureau for a $1K, $5K, or $10K keynote. Or, they work diligently to create that one special keynote that will put them ahead of thousands of other speakers.

(If you’re already a speaker, and you’re brave, try this: Go to YOUTUBE and search your topic followed by the word “speaker”, such as “Sales Speaker.” Watch some of the videos from the thousands of speakers who ALSO speak on your topic. Now, ask yourself, “Why would a meeting planner hire ME … instead of one of these OTHER speakers?!” It’s a crowded field and it’s harder than ever to stand out.)

Before I founded the speakers bureau, I was like most speakers; I believed that the key to earning thousands from speaking was by having that one, incredible keynote that set the world on fire. As I ran the bureau, I discovered that there are some successful speakers, but there are many more speakers who are struggling.

One thing is certain: Bookings for big-paying gigs are becoming farther and fewer between. Even the speakers I know who have been speaking for 20+ years are no longer able to get the great paying gigs like they used to. They earn most of their money from MLMs, side businesses, and information product sales than they do from their speaking careers. The industry is changing. Today, event planners are more likely to offer a pass to a conference instead of a speaking fee. I  expect that before long, they will CHARGE speakers for the “privilege” of speaking to their groups!

Then, a few years ago, I discovered how the REALLY successful speakers are earning MILLIONS every year. And, it doesn’t have much to do with their ability or talent as speakers. What they know is HOW to monetize their speaking engagements. They know the secrets of being a PAID speaker.

If you aspire to become a professional PAID speaker, I can show you how. I can assure you that you’ll make more than you ever thought possible, every time you speak.  THIS is how you will become a PAID speaker!

I am going to show anyone who wants to become a paid speaker exactly what it takes at the Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp in Las Vegas on Sept. 15, 2012. And this is the first time I’m presenting the MSBC as a ONE DAY program, so I am able to cut the tuition by more than HALF. When this was a 2-day program, the tuition was $1497.00. Now that this is a one-day program, I am able to offer it for just $597.00! And, I offer an UNCONDITIONAL money-back guarantee – so if you’re interested in discovering what it takes to become a PAID speaker, you have nothing to lose. This information will rock your world.

I love sharing this information with speakers and people who want to become speakers. It will completely change the way you approach the speaking business. ANYONE can become a successful speaker and earn thousands of dollars every time they speak.

Today, I heard from a sincere, 66-year old gentleman from Israel who wants to be listed with the bureau. He has vast life experience and wants to help people. It’s hard for me to tell him that many of my clients call the bureau because their meetings are going to be held in Las Vegas and they want speakers from the area – so they can save on T & E (travel & expenses). They don’t have a decent budget to hire a speaker, let alone pay travel expenses for a speaker all the way from Israel!

I also heard from a young woman in Pakistan who hopes I can book her for a speaking engagement so she can support her family. The most frustrating part of my work with the bureau is the fact that I don’t have $10,000 gigs for everyone who wants one. Instead, I work tirelessly with planners who want to find the best, affordable (or free!) speakers who live nearby. Occasionally, I get to work with big groups, but then they usually want to book someone famous – a “Public Speaker” – such as a politician or an astronaut.

I will OPEN YOUR EYES and show you how to become a PAID SPEAKER at the Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp. If you are interested in getting paid to speak, you will love this – and you have nothing to lose.

I love helping people, and the proof is in the heartwarming testimonials I receive. Rachel Magario is a blind kidney transplant survivor whom I met when I was speaking at a NAWMBA event. Rachel hired me to help her speak and get published. She writes, “I believe your presentations and workshops are the best I’ve ever experienced and your coaching sessions are amazing. You always makes sure you give your best, and you go the extra mile to entertain, educate, and fulfill the needs of your clients. Thank you, Robin, for helping me to reach my goals and realize so many of my dreams!”

And, Angelique Daniels, a working mother of two, wrote, “”Robin you have truly been a blessing!! I can’t believe how great you have been as a coach, mentor, and friend. Remember in my first email when I asked: ‘Do you have any programs for struggling moms relentlessly pursuing their dream???’ Well, I never thought it would lead to all this. Sometimes I think about putting my dreams on the shelf and that little voice inside says, ‘NO!!!’ You are my BIG voice on the outside that keeps me pushing forward!!!” Today, Angelique uses the techniques she learned in my Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp to build her business, get paid to speak, and even recruit distributors for her new business.

Decide now to become a PAID speaker! Just click on this link for more information on how YOU can earn thousands every time you speak. This is the only time this year that I will be able to present this information, so sign up now. Seating is limited.