Discover the Secrets for Earning THOUSANDS Every Time You Speak!

As President of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I constantly hear from motivational speakers who want to get listed with the bureau because they think more bureau listings will translate to MORE PAID SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS. I hate to tell them that getting listed with bureaus is such a SMALL part of becoming a paid speaker, but that is the truth!

What is the SECRET to Earning More from Speaking?

So, how is a speaker supposed to get more gigs so they can earn more money speaking? The answer lies in the information I’m going to share at my Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp, Sat., Sept. 15th, 2012, at the Hampton Inn on St. Rose Parkway at Spencer/Seven Hills Drive.

I was not much different from the speakers who contact me every week looking for more paid gigs … UNTIL I discovered this incredible information! This changed forever the way I approach speaking professionally. The first time I spoke after learning this incredible information, I earned $1695, speaking at a networking mixer for just 20 minutes – for what was a “non-paid” gig! I earned back the tuition fee the very first time I applied the science and psychology of speaking successfully.

Last month, I was hired to speak for one of the largest office equipment manufacturers – a day trip to Southern California. I was also, around the same time, asked if I would speak for free at a local non-profit’s monthly luncheon. I accepted that as well. I proved these techniques work: I earned TWICE AS MUCH at the “non-paid” gig than I did at the PAID speaking engagement! Now, you can, too. Discover how when you attend this incredible one-day intense – and incredibly amazing – seminar.

Discover the difference between being a GREAT speaker and becoming a PAID speaker. I am so sure you are going to LOVE what you learn that I am offering an UNCONDITIONAL Money-Back Guarantee! This is – without a doubt – the most exciting class you will EVER attend.

PLUSSpecial Guest Speakers:

You'll get to meet Gloria Loring, Former Star of Days of Our Lives

Gloria Loring, former star of Days of Our Lives and mother of pop sensation Robin Thicke! Gloria will share ways you can take the DRAMA out of your life … how perfect!

Kathryn Peters-Brinkley, famed author, speaker, and spiritual life coach.

I love to present this material and will do so in the most entertaining, engaging fashion. Your jaw will drop once you understand what you’ve been missing. Visit my MSBC Web page to understand why you need to attend this boot camp!

If you have any questions about this, email me or call. If you’re ready to start earning THOUSANDS speaking – starting with your VERY NEXT GIG – then go to this page and sign up now. Seating is limited!