The season finale of MAD MEN on AMC was so fabulous, I watched it twice. The writers understand the importance of building strong business relationships. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you will appreciate this aspect of the story line.

As the principles at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency discovered their agency had been bought by McCann Erikson (yes, mixing reality with fiction for added credibility), they decided to form their own agency. Without hesitation, the bosses decided who they wanted to join them.

Roger Sterling & Don Draper: MAD MEN

Roger Sterling & Don Draper: MAD MEN

They knew the billing numbers they needed to have, so they picked Pete and Peggy – knowing that between them all, they would have sufficient billing to start their new agency. They KNEW that Pete and Peggy had relationships with their accounts and that their accounts would FOLLOW THEM wherever they went.

That is the point of what I do: I share with audiences how to build SOLID business relationships, client relationships that will become so solid and well-founded, that your clients would follow you wherever you go. You see, it’s not the AGENCY people do business with – it’s the INDIVIDUAL! And companies that GET THIS treat their people accordingly.

In MAD MEN, the principles never asked their account people IF they could bring business over – they simply asked “WHO CAN YOU BRING?” They knew that Pete & Peggy – account services and creative – would have clients who would follow them to the ends of the earth. Together, along with Don Draper and Roger Sterling, they would have enough billing to move forward with their own agency. The took the necessary files over the weekend and set up their new temporary offices  in a nearby hotel room.

So, let me ask you this: If you were to leave your company today to take a position at another firm, who would follow you, bringing their business? THIS goal is what you should have in mind as you build client relationships. Take your clients to lunch, make time for face time, become their most valuable resource. Become such an integral part of their strategy that they could not imagine running their business without you! Agreed?