Sales Guru Jeffrey Gitomer has finally started Tweeting. So, what’s he tweeting about? Sales, of course! How to ask the right questions, what it takes to succeed, why people fail, and everything else salespeople should know to become phenomenal at selling. Jeffrey should know. He wrote the book. Okay…he’s written MANY books on sales. What is MY favorite tweet of his? That’s easy…

“The two BEST places for a sales appointment: Breakfast and lunch. Relaxed atmosphere and no interruptions.”

Thank you, Jeffrey, for stating the obvious that so many people in sales still tend to overlook. Jeffrey wrote a blurb for me when I launched The Art of the Business Lunch, and my publisher put a PART of it on the back cover. The part they left out was my favorite: “Robin Jay’s book is the recipe for Lean Cuisine and Fat Checks! Buy it, read it, and act on it!” 🙂

Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Expert

Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Expert

Ya gotta love Jeffrey’s no-nonsense approach! My publisher chose the more conservative part of his testimonial: “The Art of the Business Lunch is pivotal to the science of selling. I have maintained for years that LUNCH is the best place to build a relationship and make a sale. Buy it, read it, and act on it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, Jeffrey, but thank you again.

If you are not taking your clients out to lunch, you are missing out on the VERY BEST opportunity to build relationships and close sales. Jeffrey says when you build the right relationships, people will come TO YOU when they need something. It’s so true. Did you know that client lunches are such an EFFECTIVE SALES TECHNIQUE that they are practically ILLEGAL in ALL 50 STATES!?!? If you don’t believe me, just leave a comment and I’ll explain. Most successful sales people know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!