Last week I spoke at the National Association of Women MBAs conference in Anaheim, California. I delivered two presentations – one was on my signature topic, The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2, and the other was called Speak & Write Like a Pro.

Lisa Waters was in my session and offered this testimonial. She was there with Rachel Magario, who I’m delighted to have as a new coaching client! Lisa and Rachel were just two of the impressive group of attendees! My faith in our future is boosted whenever I present to such intelligent, ambitious, and friendly audiences. Thanks to EVERYONE who was there. This event was incredibly well organized, thanks to the tireless effort of Delma Esparza.

In The Art of the Business Lunch, I shared my secrets and tips for building productive business relationships by introducing a social aspect. Breaking bread brings dough! What about when a job interview takes place over a business lunch? Why would an employer want to meet with you in a social setting? I had the answers and the women ate them up! I shared the importance of creating quality face time and helped the women to become Business Relationship Experts!

In my session on Speak & Write Like a Pro, I shared the fundamentals of delivering outstanding presentations – written and verbal. Using “Action” verbs helps to add impact to your sentences, as does eliminating the words “thing” and “stuff.” The audience laughed when I acted out, “I have a thing tonight….” A THING? Really? A dinner? A networking event? a date? We KNOW what we are going to do – so why not be specific about it. What the heck is a “THING” anyway? 🙂

When delivering PPT presentations, try to use photos instead of text whenever possible. Sure, you have to know your material, but you can cheat by using notes – if you use “presenter’s view.” All details, numbers, charts, etc., can go on handouts. No one is going to remember a lot of numbers! Keep your presentations compelling and entertaining.

What a great experience I had with the women of NAWMBA! I hope to work with  these women in the future. Many of the attendees invited me to come to their universities to speak. That’s the greatest compliment ever!