Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Robin Jay

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Robin Jay Available for Last-minute Bookings

As a Las Vegas motivational speaker, I understand the pressures of putting together meetings and conferences. In fact, I have helped pull together some very big meetings for seasoned event planners, and have booked everyone from an astronaut to a gospel choir in order to help my clients put on their best meeting ever.

The challenge for many people planning meetings is that they aren’t “real” meeting planners. They are Marketing Directors, assistants, and secretaries. Sometimes, a busy executive thinks an out-of-town meeting will provide a great shot-in-the-arm for his team, but they don’t think about bringing in a speaker until the very last minute. That’s where I come in.

Need a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker NOW?!

If you have a meeting coming up 1st or 2nd quarter, think about bringing me in to speak. My expertise lies in Sales, Communication, and Building Business Relationships. Doing these well can be challenging in any economy, but lately, salespeople need all the help they can get! And, my programs aren’t just “rah-rah” enthusiasm that soon fades. I deliver the nuts-and-bolts … solid takeaways that can be implemented immediately to increase sales. Plus, I’ll customize my program to your specific needs and challenges.

Also, as “The Queen of the Business Lunch”, I also speak on Etiquette and Networking. If you are looking for someone to speak to an association or network marketing group, I have an exciting new program called “The Keys to Financial Freedom.” This is an inspiring program that ties in to the keys I featured in the award-winning self-help film, “The Keeper of the Keys,” which I wrote and produced. ALL of my programs are motivational … and ultimately lead to increased sales and greater professional and personal satisfaction.

Another program I do – which is great for business or guest/spouse programs – is “The History of Las Vegas: A Study in Risk & Reward.” There is no place else on Earth like Las Vegas. Not your typical Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, I am also a 36-year resident.  The rich history and the way Las Vegas continues to reinvent itself offers tremendous lessons for ANY type of business. And, I deliver an incredibly entertaining program that offers an abundance of rare photos, and it all comes together with personal anecdotes that you won’t hear from anyone else.

If your sales projections are looking weak, let me help! I’m booking a FEW speaking engagements with BIG discounts for 1st & 2nd qtr. 2013 – anywhere in the U.S. PLUS, I’m offering an Extra Discount for events in Las Vegas. Call me: 702-460-1420 today or email me at to check availability. Do all you can to make 2013 your biggest year ever!