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Robin Jay LOVES Southwest Airlines: A Customer Service Story

I speak on building relationships, making people feel special, and the entire customer service experience...and SWA gets it RIGHT!

Hybra Bluetooth ORB: Captain Kirk – Eat Your Heart Out!

# Harnesses bone conducting technology from NXT Sound to deliver high-quality sound without the discomfort of placing a device inside the ear. # Delivers Class 2 Bluetooth (~30-ft range) in multiple ring sizes. # Offers vibratory alerts of incoming calls and messages. # The base model features an E Ink display that shows caller ID, text messages and calendar reminders.

Is Breakfast the New Lunch?

Meeting someone for coffee or breakfast at eight o'clock in the morning is a wonderful way to accomplish your relationship-building goals while saving time and money.

Build Better Business Relationships to Reach 2010 Goals!

"Picture everyone with M.M.F.S. on their forehead.... it stands for: Make Me Feel Special." Think about how different your day would be if you did that with everyone you meet today! You would start to feel a positive energy coming back to you.

Helping MBA Students and Professionals Improve Presentations

Last week I spoke at the National Association of Women MBAs in Anaheim, California. I delivered two presentations - one was on my signature topic, The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2, and the other was called Speak & Write Like a Pro.

Speaking: NAWMBA! National Association of Women MBAs

Where, oh where, have my blogs disappeared to? They have taken a back seat the past week as I have been BUSY preparing for two killer presentations at Friday’s (10/30) NAWMBA conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.

I’ll be presenting at 12PM on The Art of the Business Lunch and at 2:45PM on How to […]