If you’ve ever heard me speak, then you know that my favorite airline is Southwest (SWA). WHY? Because they offer the BEST Customer Service EVER! I speak on building relationships, making people feel special, and the entire customer service experience…and SWA gets it RIGHT!

Sure, a business lunch is great for accomplishing those goals, but we’re not always able to have lunch with clients. Sometimes, it’s the every day experiences that help to define your level of Customer Service.

I recently flew FIRST CLASS on another airline – only because I wanted a red-eye to Ohio. The much-aligned “Cattle Call” of Southwest (which I think is one of the most excellent, well-organized plans for boarding…in fact, many other airlines now copy SWA’s “line-up by number” plan), and subsequent in-flight service I’ve experienced with SWA has been consistently better than the so-called “First Class” service of this other airline!

But I particularly enjoy sharing a memorable experience I had on an SWA flight from LA to Las Vegas – after a VERY long day. I got up around 4AM to speak on The Art of the Business Lunch & Networking at a luncheon in Southern California. I flew in for the day….and by the time my presentation was over and I was at LAX, I just wanted to get home. Watch my video to see why I LOVE SWA!