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MUST HAVE!!! I want an O.R.B. NOW!!!

My friend Phil Robertson, owner of Common Sense Consulting (Phil@PJRobertson.com), turned me on to this company whose new bluetooth product captivated him at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Phil has great taste, as this product won the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 Best of Innovation winner in the wireless handsets accessories category.

If you believe in synchronicities, this story won’t surprise you. Phil heard from a friend today, Trish, who lives in Michigan. She asked him some questions about marketing. So, what was she up to? She works for this incredible company that is manufacturing the Bluetooth ORB – or “Orbital Ring Bluetooth,” pictured above. Yes…this is the exact same product that had Phil drooling last month.

Imagine this scene: I’m out to lunch with an important client. The ring on my finger actually starts to ring. I can view an “EInk” display that tells me who’s calling. I slip the ring off my finger and with a slight twist, the ring opens to an “S” shape and I set it on my ear and start talking. Okay – I admit I’m the one who said never talk on the phone during a business lunch….but C’mon!!! This is wild!!! What a conversation piece! I would love to get a call while at a networking event!

So – want to know more? According to the company’s site at www.Hybratech.com, here are some key details on the ORB:

The ORB with Digital Read Out - MUST HAVE NOW!!

  • Harnesses bone conducting technology from NXT Sound to deliver high-quality sound without the discomfort of placing a device inside the ear.
  • Delivers Class 2 Bluetooth (~30-ft range) in multiple ring sizes.
  • Offers vibratory alerts of incoming calls and messages.
  • The base model features an E Ink display that shows caller ID, text messages and calendar reminders.
  • The deluxe edition features a FOLED (Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen for full-color display of caller ID, text messages and calendar reminders.

Hybra plans to start selling its first base model ORBs in early 2010, at a suggested retail price of $129 USD. (I’ll wait until I get MINE before telling them they are CRAZY! That is a DEAL!!!)

A deluxe edition is planned for launch later in 2010, at a suggested retail price of $175 USD. Limited edition models featuring decorative gemstones, to be priced based on the value of the gemstones, will also follow. Oh – this goes well beyond WANT – this is entering NEED!!! One of these gems with gemstones is better than Botox to put a happy glaze on your face!

Voice activation? Gemstones? Chic as all get out? Fitted to your finger? RING, RING, RING! I swear, I may start having myself paged. Kudos to Hybra – it’s about time someone invented something from the ground up. This Bluetooth device is innovative, chic, sexy, and will decimate the competition. We are used to paying $100 and up for a great Bluetooth product. Seriously, what’s a few more dollars?

I want one in EVERY color to match my wardrobe. But I’ll start with the silver. Holy smoke – what an era we live in! Do the toys get any better than this? Wii, GPS, smartphones, iPads…there is so much help to be had! The only thing I can’t figure out is why I’m STILL blogging at 9PM! Time for dinner. It’s a shame, though – I could go on about these ORBS for hours!!!

Thanks, Phil…you not only know marketing – but you know an amazing product when you see it! How exciting!