Why Readers Love SUNNY’S SECRETS

Sunny's Secrets

“Sunny’s Secrets” – a Suspenseful, Psychological Novel by Robin Jay

Robin Jay’s newest work is a psychological fiction novel, Sunny’s Secrets.

Nurse Sunny Monroe is in her final week of a clinical nursing residency when all hell breaks loose in the Emergency Room of Dublin General Hospital in Dublin, Ohio. USAF pilot John Sullivan is brought in critically injured after an icy car wreck.

As he begins to recover, their relationship blossoms. Sunny is living her dream life, helping patients, feeling needed and loved, and living a great life with John. After nearly twenty years of a storybook life together, John is sent on a mission to Afghanistan where a suicide bomber changes Sunny’s world forever.

A Unique Twist on Saving Lives

Sunny meets Dr. Rohan Ray, a mysterious Indian doctor. Rohan has a secret, spiritual method for switching Life Force Energy between two people—”donors” who are ready to throw away their lives, and those who are terminally ill, praying to live even just one more day.

Rohan approaches Sunny to become a “switcher,” and join his team of specialized colleagues to help him carry out his unique, if somewhat questionable, mission to save lives.

Knowing the devastation of suicide and desperately wanting to help her terminally ill patients, Sunny considers Rohan’s bizarre offer. Will she have what it takes to switch Life Force Energy between those who want to live and those who are hell bent on dying? Or, will the unorthodox life-and-death responsibility be too much for her?

Readers Are Raving!

Robin’s first work of fiction is a gripping and suspenseful page-turner you’ll never forget! This unique story resonates with military and their spouses, healthcare workers and those in the healing arts, and anyone who has ever lost someone dear to them. Initial feedback for Terminal Switcher is already incredible.

Author Kathryn Peters Brinkley wrote, I am sitting in front of my computer with tears gently streaming down my cheeks. Bravo, my friend, your book is fabulous! You have managed to evoke within me every emotion possible. From awe and sadness to giddiness and elation, your writing took me on a fantastic, hypnotic ride through the lives of your very real and lovable characters! Excellent story! This is so well done!!!

Kathleen Halls Mann, who is married to a retired USAF engineer, shared, I’ve started reading your book and oh my word! It’s so good and it takes me back to RJ’s time in the service! Is there going to be another in the works? I know it’s a bit early, but this story is so fantastic, I can’t wait for more.

DeAnne Sheehan said, It was such a page turner, I couldn’t put it down! Excellent! 

“Sunny’s Secrets” is currently available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats. Click here to read more or order.

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