Speaking at last week's MPI Meeting in Edmonton

To say I’m behind on my blogging is an understatement! Even now, with so much I want to share here, I still feel as if I should be doing something else – like PPTs for next week, press releases, or new one sheets. Marketing yourself as a speaker has no finish line! That’s just one of the topics I will cover at my workshop – “Get Paid to Speak & Write” – on October 9th – in Las Vegas/Henderson at the Hampton Inn on St. Rose Pkwy – between Eastern and Seven Hills. Read to the bottom for a personal story that’s sure to crack you up!

People ALWAYS tell me they are working on a book or they call me to tell me they want to speak professionally. I hope everyone who has ever thought of being a speaker or a writer will to come to this one-day event. Along with my expert guest speakers, I will help you to move years ahead in your speaking career in one action-packed, entertaining day. You will discover what it takes to succeed and MONETIZE a speaking or writing career.

You may wonder why I am presenting SPEAKING and WRITING together. It’s because the two go together like soup n’ sandwich, hand n’ glove, peanut butter n’ jelly…. you get the picture! If you are a speaker, you need products to sell – books, audios CDs, Mp3s, Video programs, and more – so that people can take your message with them and continue to learn and improve. And, if you are a writer, you need to learn to share your message with an audience in a brilliant, cohesive presentation. Doing one without the other is like peanut butter….all by itself. 🙂 As president of a speakers bureau in Las Vegas, the convention capital of the world, I know what it takes to be a great speaker.

As an award-winning author, I’ve experienced everything the world of publishing has to offer. If you’re working on a book and need to decide whether or not to self-publish, I can help you to decide by sharing the facts of the publishing world with you. I’ve self-published, sold my work, contributed to anthologies, published anthologies, and am a regularly featured columnist in the Las Vegas Business Press. I know the world of professional writing and can help you get your book published or help you to market your book.

Visit my press release at expert click for all the details – then call or e-mail me to register. BONUS: Those of you who know me well know that I love to give more than expected. That’s why I asked my friend LuAnn Terrell – at Showtime Marketing – if she would donate some killer show tickets for my attendees. She came through with tix to HUMAN NATURE – Smokey Robinson’s hot new show featuring four smokin’ guys from down under singing the very best of MOTOWN – on the Las Vegas Strip. Tix are regularly $70 each – but each attendee will get a PAIR of tickets when they attend this workshop. AND every attendee will also get a FREE copy of “The Power of the Platform” – an anthology that features messages from some of today’s top motivational speakers.

Why wait? Sign up now and get started on the path to achieving your dream of GETTING PAID TO SPEAK!

Now, here’s my personal story: Every time I get a check for THOUSANDS of dollars to speak for an hour, I call my brother, Barry. When I was a little girl, Barry used to give me a quarter just to STOP talking for a few minutes! Ahhh- sweet revenge! The truth is, however, that I owe him a debt of thanks. If he hadn’t been so hard on me, I don’t know that I ever would have learned how to make my stories more exciting, more compelling, and more content-rich. Nothing like having a hard-to-please audience to raise the stakes! And now you know my darkest secret. 🙂

If YOU would like to show someone a check for thousands of dollars that you earned for speaking, be sure to e-mail me to register for this outstanding one-day workshop. It will TRANSFORM your life!