Motivational Speaker Robin Jay Speaks on Relationship Selling at YES! Network Midwest

Sometimes, everything just comes together like a great recipe! “Motivational Speaker Robin Jay Speaks on Relationship Selling at Yes! Network Midwest” came about so quickly, I can hardly believe I’ve already been there and back! Just a few weeks ago, I got a call from Michael Jeffreys, owner of Seminars on Demand and Seminars on DVD. Michael needed a speaker for his YES! Networking Midwest group event Sept. 18th. I just happened to be available, so we quickly booked my flight and room.

My topics were The KEYS to Relationship Selling and The Art of the Business Lunch. I was going to speak for two hours. I appreciated that the attendees would have worked a full day and now, at 6:30PM, were about to sit through a two-hour program.  I knew I had to make my programs content-rich and lots of fun for everyone. I dropped everything and started preparing my PPTs.

The outcome was that everyone stayed through the break and loved the programs! I was overwhelmed by their standing ovation and several attendees were happy to give me video testimonials. The program was videotaped with 4 HD cameras (YIKES! HD is brutal! hah!) and I can’t wait to get the video so I can start sharing my secrets for Relationship Selling and the Business Lunch. Stay tuned – I promise to post some video tips for all the salespeople and business owners who want to know how to build better business relationships. Here’s a quick tip: People have CHOICES! If they don’t like you, they can choose to work with someone ELSE! Make sure your time with them is the best part of their day.

I’d love to be YOUR Motivational Speaker and share my tips with your group. Contact me for fee and availability. Thank you ~ and special thanks to the Michael Jeffreys and the YES! Network Midwest!