The Best Way to Increase Sales & Build Your Business

Motivational Speakers Can Inspire, But Will They Help You Increase Sales?

We’ve all attended seminars where a “rah-rah” speaker gets the audience worked up into a frenzy; they become inspired, enthusiastic, and ready to take on the world. Then, the next day as they sit at their desk and organize their day, little has changed. Sure, they remember those inspiring stories and feel better about themselves and their work. But ultimately, little has changed. Inspiring speakers do just they – they inspire. But they don’t usually offer solid takeaways that can be implemented immediately to help front line sales teams actually INCREASE their sales or BUILD their business.

Robin Jay Asks, “Motivational Speakers Get Audiences Excited … But, Then What?”

The day after you came away from the sales meeting PUMPED and ready to rock n’ roll, you find yourself falling into the same pattern of behavior you had the day before you heard the motivational speaker. Why? What happened? Did something go wrong?

As a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, I’ve seen countless speakers wow audiences and whip them into a frenzy, screaming and responding with shouts and affirmations. A great speaker can generate a sort of “mob mentality” where the energy in the room is so contagious that everyone feels invincible. But, that’s not enough. To really INCREASE SALES, you need solid takeaways, easy-to-implement methods and tips for growing your business. I assure you the ONLY way to grow your business and increase sales consistently is through the relationships that you’re able to build.

The Key to Increase Sales

The key to increase sales lies in knowing that the relationships you are able to build over time will grow and sustain your business. You can’t afford to lose a single customer, plus you need to attract new customers consistently. Loyalty, referral programs, and rewarding behavior is just one of the ways to let your clients and customers know how much you appreciate them, how much you care. If your clients know you care about them, they will come to you with their business. I discovered this during my 20 years selling advertising – most of that spent selling an intangible… radio ads! I took my clients out for business lunches, earned the title “The Queen of the Business Lunch,” wrote “The Art of the Business Lunch” (Career Press, now in 12 languages), and have seen first-hand how building solid business relationships will affect your bottom line.

Wally Amos (aka “Famous Amos”) said, “Picture everyone with MMFS on their forehead … Make Me Feel Special.” Once you discover how to do that – to really build outstanding business relationships – you will see your business grow and exceed your wildest expectations. This is what I talk about when I speak to businesses, teams, organizations and groups. I discovered the keys to success and I absolutely LOVE speaking because it gives me the opportunity to not just inspire audiences, but to really change how they do business. It all comes down to building relationships; it’s the ONLY way to increase sales!