“The Keeper of the Keys” Now Available on iTunes

"The Keeper of the Keys" is Now Available on iTunes

“The Keeper of the Keys” is Now Available on iTunes; Stream or Download it Today!

I’m excited to share that my award-winning film, “The Keeper of the Keys”, is now available for streaming or download on iTunes! This is huge! Why? Because people who have wanted to see it but who were put off by the cost of the DVD and the high cost of shipping can now download it or stream it from their phones, tablets, iPads, or their computers and home TVs and enjoy it – in just seconds – ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

WHO Will Love “The Keeper of the Keys” on iTunes?

Early sales indicate that this movie is HUGELY popular in Canada, Australia, and Norway – where my new friend Paal Joachim screened it for his spiritual group. Plus, the vast spiritual community in the United States has been loving it, too! Having the film available on iTunes means the world to me because now THE WORLD can enjoy it! Many of the experts in the film – like Jack Canfield & John Gray are featured on the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau site, however, they travel the world sharing their messages. Now, their fans around the world will be able to enjoy this outstanding film in which their mentors shine.

I’m excited for everyone to hear the deeply personal, moving stories that the experts in the film have shared. And, I know viewers will stay entertained and engaged because this is the first FUNNY self-help film EVER! It’s a unique hybrid that combines a funny, fictional story along with the wisdom of the experts.

It works! You’ll have fun AND be empowered. “The Keeper of the Keys” won the Las Vegas International Film Festival award for Best Independent Film and The Indie Fest award for Best Documentary.

WHY Should You Download “The Keeper of the Keys” on iTunes?

"The Keeper of the Keys" is Now Available on iTunes

“The Keeper of the Keys” is Now Available on iTunes

This film focuses on seven keys that can change your life! These are Appreciation, Harmony (in Relationships), Passion, Faith, Vibration, Courage, and Empathy. As writer and producer of this amazing film, it was my goal to avoid the trite soundbites that are so prevalent in many of today’s self-help films. I knew the key to creating a relevant, empowering movie would lie in the personal stories of transformation as shared by the experts. Mission accomplished! This film will move and inspire you. And – it’s really FUN!

BTW, it’s VERY loosely based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, so while it’s great to watch ANY time, it’s also perfect RIGHT NOW! Why download it from iTunes? You may wonder whether you should stream it and enjoy it once or twice, or download it so you can watch it again and again. I encourage you to download it. I assure you that you will want to watch this remarkable film more than once. AND you can share it with your family.

I look forward to sharing this fabulous film with THE WORLD! From my heart to yours, Happy Holidays.