Great Experts Are Authentic

I just returned from Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy – a 4-day event held in Santa Clara, California, just steps from Yahoo, Google, and Apple. I am a tough nut to crack, but crack is exactly what I did at this event! What does Brendon have that the other 1,000 speakers I’ve heard do not? What was it about him that made me sit up and listen, cram notes for four solid days, and decide this was the BEST event of its kind I’ve EVER attended?

It was Brendon’s unique combination of delivering dynamite content with a rare, high energy delivery that creates not just followers, but fans who adore him. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been there and seen it myself.

Great experts are AUTHENTIC – in content, delivery, and In the core of their being!

Authenticity, as the word implies, is not something that is not easily faked. Either you have it or you don’t. I’ve come across countless speakers who fail to walk their talk. I’ve known speakers who let success ruin them to where all they cared about was what they can sell in the back of the room. While Brendon had plenty of add-ons to offer, he shared that if you felt this program or that opportunity was right for you at this time, great. If not, he understood.

GREAT EXPERTS = Authentic Content

The other element to Brendon’s event was the magnitude of content he shared. I wish I’d heard this information years ago. He was remarkable. And, my new knowledge will not only affect my internet marketing, which was the core of this event, but watching him present has affected how I intend to present in the future. I’ve always been strong on content. Of course I will not act like him … that would not be great OR authentic! But, I am, however, INSPIRED by his approach. I want to elevate my delivery style so that MY audiences will appreciate how much I genuine care about them, their business, and their happiness. Lastly, he was able to create a tremendous sense of COMMUNITY. I met other outstanding experts with whom I share a mission to make the world a better place. The networking opportunity was of the highest level because Brendon attracts some of the world’s most authentic experts of our time. Thanks, Brendon … you have a passionate new fan!