Robin Jay, Dr. Alfredo Besosa

Whether Breaking Bread or Sharing a Glass of Wine… Seizing the Chance to Talk Business Face-to-Face is the Key to Building Your Business. Here I am seen meeting with Dr. Alfredo Besosa at a seminar. We went into the onsite restaurant to discuss his decision to appear in my new film, “The Secrets of the Keys,” which ultimately came to fruition.

WHY are client lunches so valuable?

Are client lunches really worth the time they take? Absolutely! And I know – I personally hosted more than 3,000 client lunches during my advertising sales career….and I saw my sales increase by more than 2,000%! That’s stunning. I wrote “The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2” to help everyone become a client lunch expert!

But, my business lunch success story doesn’t end there.

The KEY to Success: Relationships!

IN 2003, I changed careers, and became an author and motivational speaker. And, ever since, I have stayed true to my philosophy that building relationships is a priority and the ultimate key to success. By valuing the relationships I’m able to build, I have been able to grow my speaking and film making businesses and have created an amazing network that includes some of the most authentic and outstanding people. I have now produced two films, and have grown my network to include personal development experts from around the world. I’ve been interviewed in Newsweek, MSNBC-TV, the BBC, the London Financial Times and more. And journalists stay in touch with me because I do all I can to help them do their jobs, another secret to success!

With proof that hosting client lunches is productive and great for business, why doesn’t everyone do it? In his book, “The Pursuit of WOW!”, Sales guru Tom Peters urges his readers to “never waste a single lunch…..Think about it,” he shares. “49 working weeks a year, minus a few holidays, gives more than 225 midday opportunities to develop relationships. (Or 450: Power-breakfasting is clearly a growth market.) Even if it means Maalox, Mylanta, or an extra trip to the gym, don’t waste those meal slots.” I couldn’t agree more!

Client Lunch: NEVER Waste a Meal Eating Alone

Why do I prefer a client lunch to a networking event? I am probably the most uncomfortable networker in the world! Surprised? Don’t be. If I thought it was easy, I wouldn’t understand the challenges or be able to help others overcome their fear, apprehension, or shyness. The good news is it’s possible, even easy, for anyone to become a master networker and a Business Lunch Expert! One of the reasons I prefer sharing a meal with a stranger, rather than walking into a networking event alone, is because a client lunch will net amazing results. A lot can go wrong, though, which is why it’s so important to know what to do and how to do it, which is why I wrote the book on the subject.

I have managed to make new friends and build new relationships by using the tips and techniques I developed over the years and that, today, I share in my presentations.  If you want to know just how valuable breaking bread can be for your business, watch this 2-minute clip. And, if you want to help your sales team build more productive relationships that will continue to grow your business for years to come, I’d love to speak at your next meeting or conference. Just contact me: to schedule. Cheers!