Just a quick note here to reveal what a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated: Most people love texting because THEY can reach YOU, but YOU can’t reach THEM! What’s up with THAT?! Read the article here – it’s called Y U Luv Texts, H8 Calls!

It’s all because we are SOooo busy! Scenario: You’re getting ready to go into a meeting…BUT, before you do, you can send someone a question or an answer, set up an appointment, or conduct some other brief business.

Later, when you are out of the meeting and can respond, you see that your associate, colleague, or client sent YOU a text with your answer. It’s actually a pretty effective means of communication, don’t you agree? I think it is also a great example of using technology to GAIN CONTROL over your communications! Ideally, however, we still need to save all this time so we can meet our clients and “our people” face to face whenever possible.