To Keynote Speaker Robin Jay, “This Film Would Get You Hired at ANY COMPANY, ANYWHERE in the World!”

That is what industrialist Carol Scott from South Africa said the first time she saw the film I had conceived, written, raised funding for, costarred in, recruited or cast the experts for, and produced – all in just a year’s time. I love being a keynote speaker, writing, sharing my secrets for sales success, building relationships, and being creative. This film project was a wonderful way to implement everything I know and create a wonderful, entertaining, engaging, and empowering film that moves audiences. It is a tremendous success, too, having won several awards from Best Independent Film to Best Documentary. You can view the trailer or download “The Keeper of the Keys” – starring Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff by clicking here.

From Keynote Speaker to Writer/Producer: A Journey in Leadership

I’ve been an author and motivational keynote speaker for more than 10 years. Stepping into the role of Producer on this film gave me even greater experience as a leader because it required me to be inspiring, effective, and persuasive. It was a tremendous project. I know that my experience as a producer has made me a more compelling and engaging speaker because I needed to motivate and inspire people to take action … bigger action than they ever thought possible. As a keynote speaker, I’m able to inspire teams to take this kind of life-changing action, empower them, and get them to believe in themselves that they can achieve unprecedented goals. After all, if I did THIS, I’ve proven that the sky is the limit for everyone else, as well.

A Keynote Speaker Who Understands How to Motivate & Lead Teams to Tremendous Success

Writer/Producer/Keynote Speaker Robin Jay flanked by the cast of experts & stars at the premiere of "The Keeper of the Keys"

The Finish Line: Here I am flanked by the cast of experts & stars at the premiere of “The Keeper of the Keys”

The leadership, sales skills and strengths that I drew upon to accomplish making a film were mind-boggling. Here is a brief look at the steps I took to get my film produced … steps that I believe have helped to make me a more tremendous keynote speaker:

  • I raised the capital necessary to shoot a quality production. I accomplished this by having the experts who were featured in the film pre-purchase their inventory of DVDs. This required a tremendous amount of relationship-building and sales techniques … after all, it was a hefty investment. I needed to encourage the experts to believe in themselves enough to make the commitment to appear in a film with internationally recognized stars.
  • I convinced some of the most popular leaders in the field of personal development and success to appear in my film, lending it the “star” quality it needed. I did not pay them a few or even a percentage; they each received a small inventory of DVDs and my gratitude.
  • I devised a way to write the screenplay so that it could be funny and entertaining without diminishing the experts or their expertise. Creativity is an essential element to any success. The idea for my storyline actually came to me as I was emailing my mentor on the film, an accomplished producer in his own right. I realized that by creating a hybrid with fictional characters interacting with the experts, the humor could come from the characters and put the experts in a great light as they shared their wisdom.
  • I had the experts relate deeply personal stories of transformation. I felt that viewers wanted “REAL” stories, not just trite sound bites! I have seen too many speakers share boring, routine stories that leave audiences feeling flat. PERSONAL stories and anecdotes resonate with viewers … AND audiences!
  • I hired the right crew necessary to help me accomplish my goals and inspired them to help me create an amazing, groundbreaking film. We’ve all seen the motivational poster that reads: “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.” Likewise, a corporate structure involves many individuals working together cohesively. If you’ve ever watched a film and stayed for the credits, then you have an idea just how important teamwork and being able to get along with other team members is to the overall success of a company or endeavor. A great leader is one who can inspire their team to overcome any differences and work together toward a common goal.
  • Enthusiasm is key. When people are excited about the work they are doing, they will do a better job. Even though what they are doing is actual WORK, they will find more joy in their accomplishments. Being able to step back when you are done and enjoy the fruits of your labors is essential to success.
  • Once the movie was done, I produced an amazing Red Carpet Premiere Gala in Las Vegas, along with a meet-and-greet luncheon earlier that day. These events gained national publicity as well as raves from some of the top event planners in Las Vegas.

Having successfully written and produced a film has given me a greater degree of compassion. Sitting through screenings of my film and being able to see exactly which scenes resonate with the audience has heightened my awareness of what kinds of stories work and which don’t. Now, more than ever, I am able to deliver a high-impact, inspiring, and motivational program – one that compels people to take action, work together as a cohesive team, and achieve the goals that management has set forth. I have a lot to share and hope the coming year gives me every opportunity to inspire others to their greatest success.