Scene from "The Keeper of the Keys" ~ Spiritual guide Elizabeth explains the situation to Michael

“The Keeper of the Keys” Premiere Set for 12/8/11

Make Plans NOW to Attend the VIP Red Carpet Premiere of “The KEEPER of the KEYS” starring Jack Canfield, John Gray, & Marci Shimoff. Dec. 8th at the Plaza Las Vegas.

The VIP Red Carpet Premiere for “The Keeper of the Keys” has been set for December 8th at the Plaza Las Vegas. Click here to purchase tickets to the premiere and the fundraising luncheon at the Palm Restaurant earlier that day: The Keeper of the Keys Premiere information, tickets, and more

About “The Keeper of the Keys”

“The Keeper of the Keys” is the first funny personal development movie, sure to “take the ‘Hell’ out of self-help”! It’s entertaining, engaging, and powerful.

As producer of this groundbreaking personal development movie, my goal was to create a movie that was different from all the other films in this genre. In talking to my mentor Stephen Simon, a long-time Hollywood film producer and co-founder of Spiritual Cinema Circle, it became clear that in order to create a movie that was fresh and inspiring, it would have to be critically different. I wanted to make it funny; after all, you can’t empower anyone if they can’t sit through the movie long enough to take in any new information. And – it’s never been done before!

A Funny Self-help Movie? That’s Hilarious!

But how could I accomplish making a movie that would be really funny – yet share messages from some of the most respected leaders in the field of personal development?

The answer came to me as I was emailing Stephen one day. I had actually typed: “Every question you answer gives me ten more questions!” when the answer to this particular dilemma popped into my mind – literally! I could do a twist on “A Christmas Carol.” This way, I could have a fictional character who would fall asleep and during his wakening dream, encounter experts who would share their stories and messages with him. It would be engaging, interesting, and – most of all – funny.

What Enlightened People Have to Share

The character could argue with the experts, as many “unenlightened” people tend to do. This would give the experts the opportunity to state their case, share their experience, and offer advice to the character as to how he could improve his life. His life, of course, would need a LOT of improvement! I fleshed out this idea in that email to Stephen. “What do you think?” I asked. I was elated when he wrote back, “I think this could work; let’s think about it and talk next week.” And “The Keeper of the Keys” was born.

You are in for a treat. The experts who share in the movie came from as far away as the UK, and include JACK CANFIELD, JOHN GRAY, AND MARCI SHIMOFF. Their messages are outstanding. I wouldn’t have any “standard” rhetoric that most motivational speakers give from the platform. I encouraged the experts to share deeply personal stories – stories that had real messages that would empower the viewers. Boy, did they deliver!

If you want to attend the VIP Red Carpet Premiere at the all new PLAZA LAS VEGAS Hotel Casino in LAS VEGAS, Nevada, just click here: TheKeeperoftheKeys You’ll see details, be able to book your room (Just $25 a night!), and buy your tickets to the evening premiere AND the afternoon luncheon at the Palm with Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff.

Stay tuned for more updates. The Key movie website will be up any day now. I look forward to seeing you at the premiere. ~ Robin