Motivational Speaker Robin Jay

Motivational Speaker Robin Jay Inspires her Audience at a Special Event at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Choosing the RIGHT Motivational Speaker for Your Financial or Insurance Group

Choosing the RIGHT Motivational Speaker for Your Financial or Insurance Group can be a challenge. Anyone who has ever sat through a lackluster keynote presented by a dull economist or retired insurance salesman telling how things USED to be knows how quickly an audience can get bored! So, what’s the solution?

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a few words about the differences between speakers and why I know I can help you achieve your goals.

You want a motivational speaker who is able to help your sales professionals increase sales and build better relationships starting NOW! That’s what I do. I know what it’s like to drift while listening to speakers go on about nothing; it’s the worst! Who says business has to be dull and boring? When I finally resigned from my advertising sales career, I heard from managers for years: “We need someone like Robin Jay on our team!” I turned down more job opportunities than I can remember. I was on a mission to share my wisdom and experience to help everyone become the best salesperson in their field.

Few industries rely on relationship selling as much as Financial Services and the Insurance industry. I love selling and I can show audience members how easy it is to build their business, get them to laugh, and even start enjoying their business more than ever before. There are many secrets to putting together an engaging, entertaining, and empowering presentation. Here are a few…

Motivational Speaker Robin Jay’s Secrets

First, a program has to offer content that will empower your audience. Otherwise, you just have what I call a “rah-rah” presentation; that is where a speaker gets a room of people excited, shouting, ready to rock and roll – but, in the end, they have no real methods or steps to implement. They simply got excited or encouraged. It’s important to have enthusiasm and impart excitement to an audience, but it’s not ENOUGH! A great program will offer methods, tips, and techniques that can enable people to change how they do business. Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten! If you want to increase sales, you have to change the way you do things!

Next, a program needs to be entertaining. From selfdeprecating humor to sharing some of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made while on sales calls, I’m happy to share these stories because they are really funny (in HINDSIGHT, of course; at the time, they were horrifying!) And, there is no reason we ALL have to make the same mistakes. Let’s learn from each other what to do or what NOT to do, right?

A great presentation is also engaging. There is a start, middle, and end to each story and audiences will come away with lessons they will remember forever. I use Garr Reynold’s “Presentation Zen” techniques when building a PPT; pictures fill the entire slide and when there is text, it’s never more than just a few words. You’ll never see “Death by PPT” – endless bullet points that leave you befuddled – when I speak.

The Right Image Will Support a Story ... Never Detract from It

The Right Image Will Support a Story … Never Detract from It

By telling an anecdote and having it supported by a high-impact, full screen image, I am actually able to engage right brain/left brain learning. For instance, I will use this image of an airplane landing at sunset whenever I tell a story about a client trip. One of my colleagues got so drunk on the flight that she ended up screaming anti-semetic remarks as we waited for our ground transporation curbside at the San Diego terminal. I don’t need six bullet points to outline the trip, what happened, and what went wrong. This image creates a lasting impact, plus, at no point am I competing with my slides!

My audiences come away from my sessions KNOWING WHY they need to adapt new methods for increasing their sales, WHAT techniques to use, HOW to do their work in a more effective way, and why it’s so important to their success.

Also, it’s essential that a speaker INSPIRE their audiences to make the necessary changes in order to achieve greater success.

Motivational Speaker Robin Jay Can Relate to Sales Professionals

After selling advertising for nearly 20 years, I have experienced it all! I personally hosted more than 3,000 client lunches and saw my sales increase by more than 2,000%! This was because of my ability to build solid, long-lasting, productive business relationships. I love helping other sales professionals to become Business Relationship Experts, too. You won’t believe the impact and improvement in your teams that I can generate in just a one-hour keynote. I’d love to help you and your group reach ALL their sales goals. I look forward to hearing from you.