Are You Frustrated by Clients Who Don’t Return Your Calls?

Encountering Too Many Closed Doors?

Frustrated by Clients Who Don’t Return Calls and Shut You Out Before They Even Meet You? Discover the Best Way to Open the Doors That Stand Between You and Greater Success!

You know of a prospect who needs your services or products. You are a wonderful provider and your existing clients LOVE doing business with you. You’re friendly, attentive, detail-oriented, and offer all the right stuff.

You’re sure you could impress him, but this client won’t return your calls. You can’t even get close! You’ve dropped off media kits, flyers, and business cards, special offers … you’ve even left clever voice messages, but still this stubborn prospect won’t even acknowledge you. You are frustrated beyond words. You know you could land this account if only you could get a few minutes of this prospects time. Sound familiar?

If you’re in sales or own your own business, the odds are pretty good that you’ve hit this kind of stone wall before. It’s particularly challenging when you know in your heart that you could help this prospect to increase their sales, solve some of the problems they are facing, and become a trusted adviser. Instead, you feel stuck and believe you may never get close to this decision maker.

Why Clients Don’t Return Calls

To understand why clients don’t return calls, we first need to evaluate their situation. World-class Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Angel Investor Darren Jacklin said something I’ll always remember: “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” (otherwise anonymous) I couldn’t help but think of all the people, especially those in sales, who are eager to “prescribe” BEFORE finding out what challenges their prospects are facing or what they might need. Of course I’m talking about business now, not health. Busy decision makers don’t want to be distracted by salespeople who may be putting their own interests first.

I am always put off whenever I walk into a clothing store and a sales associate barks at me, “Hi! Our sweaters are 30% off today!” I know they mean well and I’m pretty sure their store manager is making them say that. And maybe, if I’m in the market for a sweater, their pitch might even get my attention. But, it bothers me that they are telling me what they have before they even know what I want!  Even a quick, “How are you today?” or “Are you looking for anything in particular?” is more welcoming and less off-putting. I wish more retail outlets – and other businesses – would take that approach and put themselves in the position of their customers. As for the sweaters, display them well and put up a sign; if I’m interested in a sweater, I’ll see them. After all, I’m already in the store!

Have you ever done this in business? Have you ever approached a prospect or client with a special offer or information before you have found out if it’s actually something they need or could use? I think everyone with something to sell or promote has done that before. We must take a step back and put ourselves in the position of those with whom we want to do business.

I know from my own perspective what it takes for someone to get close enough to pitch me on their services. Want to know the ULTIMATE secret … the one that will break down all barriers and open EVERY DOOR for you that you want to get past?

Getting Your Clients to Return Your Calls

Discover Robin Jay's Secret for Opening Doors

Discover Networking Expert Robin Jay’s SECRET
for Opening Doors

The answer ultimately comes from networking successfully. The more people you and I know mutually, the better chance you have of getting closer to me. The bigger your network, the bigger your circle of influence will become AND the greater the odds that you know someone who knows me. This is true for EVERYONE. Want to get close to a prospect? Join the boards of directors on which they belong, attend their professional functions, support the causes they appreciate. This is the fundamental core of networking….BUILDING YOUR NETWORK!

Everyone you know knows hundreds of other people. It’s so easy to find friends who know the same people you WANT to know. Build your circle and watch what happens!

Personally, if a friend or associate invites me to lunch, dinner, or even a quick happy hour and introduces me to someone they know, whether that person is a friend or someone they are doing business with, I am 1,000 times more likely to build a relationship with THAT “new” person than if they call on me without that connection. Your goal is to become THAT person – the one who knows someone who knows someone. THAT person who can make a call and ask a friends and colleague if they can help them to get in front of the the person who won’t return their calls.

Try this: Think about EVERYONE you know. If I asked you if you know someone who could use help energizing their sales team, who comes to mind? If I asked you if I could take you AND this decision maker or team leader out to lunch, would you be okay with that? Of course you would! Whenever I speak in front of an audience and ask that question, there is not ONE HAND that goes up. NO ONE has a problem making introductions between two people they like. Ever.

BTW, if you know of a business, own a business, or are a salesperson who needs some tips and techniques for increasing sales, my offer of lunch is valid! E-mail me and I’ll come to you to make it happen. I have some openings in my schedule for 2014. I regularly travel across the country training teams on how to blast through their sales goals. I’d love to meet you and do the same for you, your colleagues, and businesses.