What do you get the person who has everything? My recommendation is to take them to lunch or dinner. The best part of that, (though it is a wee bit selfish), is that you get to enjoy your friends or clients and a great meal, all in the name of Season’s Greetings! Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do, and the holiday season provides the perfect excuse to get together with clients who are otherwise too busy to break free.

Everyone has their guard down this time of year, which could make this the perfect time to get someone out who typically is “too busy” to go to lunch. Imagine how far a little twist of the arm could go!

Lunch & Golf - Great Christmas Gift Combo!

Lunch & Golf - Great Christmas Gift Combo!

Don’t make it about business, either. Simply seize this opportunity to treat your clients well, make it about them, and possibly, if the mood is right, discover ways you can help them with their business this year.

And if you’re in a warm climate, make it a round of golf and lunch. Talk about building relationships! Nothing is better than this One-Two punch! 🙂

The best part of a client lunch is that it hardly seems like work, yet it can easily become the MOST PRODUCTIVE PART OF YOUR DAY!