Use Caution When Sending a Big E-mail Blast!

Do you work with a DATABASE? I do – and in my attempt to UPDATE my newsletter list, I made a mistake that upset a LOT of people! Lauren Bloom, attorney, author, and speaker, wrote a book called “The Art of the Apology,” and I think I need her help!

As you may know, I have a wonderful, FREE, e-mail offer called “7 Steps to Networking Success” which I set up years ago at Robin If you sign up on my home page, you will receive the best of my networking tips that will support my status as a Business Relationship Expert! I get great feedback from it and I know it has helped a LOT of people!

Order Lauren Bloom's Book: The Art of the Apology - You never know when you might need to apologize!

Okay, Robin…cut to the chase! I imported 2500 names (from my list of about 3,000) to new database software. WHILE I was on the phone with the guy from the software company, he asked, “Is this campaign ready to go?” I said, “YES … but I need to modify the first page.” Can you believe that between the “YES …” and the “But” – he hit SEND!!!?!?

Needless to say, my “Welcome to my new newsletter” went out as “Thank you for signing up for my 7 Steps to Networking Success program!” Many people were upset – understandably – as they had NOT signed up for a new, 7-part email program!!!

Oh Lauren – I can’t take it back! Of course I sent customized notes to EVERYONE who was upset, sent them a FREE e-book, and apologized profusely. The LAST thing I EVER want to do is annoy people with unwanted e-mail! But the people on my list are ALL people who had given me their card! Either they have heard me speak, met me at an industry event, or somehow “opted in.” It’s been so long since I’ve been in touch, I can see why they might not remember me! They had been getting my newsletter (the last one went out in JANUARY!) I was just trying to switch over things to expedite my mailings. Ay-yi-yi!

It has become glaringly apparent that people are WAY TOO STRESSED! The feature I LOVED about my software is that it has a “double opt-in”system. If you receive something from me and you don’t want it, just do nothing. You won’t hear from me again UNLESS you click the link that says “OKAY!” But people did not read down far enough to see that. It also offers a huge UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of every e-mail. I would think professionals would be savvy enough to know that! Instead, they took the time to send me ugly e- mails! (When all they HAD to do was NOTHING – simply nothing.) Wow – I’m so SORRY! My only crime is wanting to stay in touch and keep my contacts updated.

Apparently, many of us have have lost our sense of humor along with our tolerance. I URGE you – if you are so stressed that you are snapping at someone that you know – even vaguely – when they are TRYING to help you to become more proficient at networking – PLEASE take a break! Sip a latte, enjoy a night out, or have a massage!

I get so much e-mail I don’t want – and I hit the JUNK folder or the DELETE key. Life is really so much simpler than we make it! I apologize again! I hope you are enjoying your day. And, if you need to apologize to anyone for anything, tell Lauren I sent you. 🙂