What to Order at a Business Lunch

There are so many reasons for ordering a more healthy lunchtime meal - to watch your weight and eat healthy, to have food that is easy to eat (it's a LOT easier to get small bites of a piece of fish in your mouth than it is to down ribs or an over-sized burger!), and to focus more on the meeting that the eating. But there is another reason why you might want to order salads, fish, or lean meat - especially when out with clients.

Client Lunch? Happy Hour? Try My Favz!

Whether I'm meeting a client for happy hour, taking clients or friends to a business lunch, or just building relationships, having a list of the best restaurants in Las Vegas handy makes scheduling networking and socializing events much easier.

Client Lunch as a Christmas Present?

What do you get the person who has everything? My recommendation is to take them to lunch or dinner. The best part of that, (though it is a wee bit selfish), is that you get to enjoy your friends or clients and a great meal, all in the name of Season's Greetings!

The $25,000 Lunch Blunder

Think your behavior at a business lunch doesn't matter? I just read a blog from Joel Comm about a consultant who just lost a $25,000 consulting gig because even though the consultant did the inviting, he failed to pick up the check.

Client Lunches: When You Just Don’t Have the TIME!

DEVOTE ONE DAY A WEEK to meetings "in the city," regardless of where you live. If you work from home, dedicate one day each week to being away from your desk. With the right planning and a smart phone, this can become your most productive day ever!

Gitomer Endorses Mealtimes 4 Sales Success

If you are not taking your clients out to lunch, you are missing out on the VERY BEST opportunity to build relationships and close sales.