FORBES Insights: Executives Prefer Face-to-Face Meetings

FORBES Insights' latest report shows that executives prefer face-to-face meetings. The reasons why they preferred IN PERSON, face-to-face meetings? There is no comparison: * To build STRONGER, more MEANINGFUL business relationships (85%) * Ability to read body language and facial expressions (77%) * More social interaction, ability to bond with co-workers/clients (75%) * Allow for more complex strategic thinking (49%)

Being “The Queen of the Business Lunch”

I often get asked about my nickname, “The Queen of the Business Lunch.” It’s been years since I wrote the award-winning book “The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2” and even longer since I earned my nickname. I thought since I just got a new logo, I would take this […]

The Art of the Apology: I’m SO SORRY!!!

As you may know, I have a wonderful, FREE, e-mail offer called "7 Steps to Networking Success" which I set up years ago at Robin If you sign up on my home page, you will receive the best of my networking tips that will support my status as a Business Relationship Expert! I get great feedback from it and I know it has helped a LOT of people!