Is Breakfast the New Lunch?

Meeting someone for coffee or breakfast at eight o'clock in the morning is a wonderful way to accomplish your relationship-building goals while saving time and money.

The “REAL” Reason a Marketing Plan Fails

I had a business lunch this past week with my friend, Phil Robertson (, who is an incredible marketing consultant. I always learn SO MUCH at a business lunch – especially when I’m talking to an expert in their field!

Phil and I were talking about a recent casino promotion. As a marketing expert, Phil could […]

What Matters Now eBook FREE!

Marketing expert Seth Godin is offering an eBook as a free download. Need to know "What Matters Now"? Just click on the title and enjoy!

Client Lunch as a Christmas Present?

What do you get the person who has everything? My recommendation is to take them to lunch or dinner. The best part of that, (though it is a wee bit selfish), is that you get to enjoy your friends or clients and a great meal, all in the name of Season's Greetings!

The $25,000 Lunch Blunder

Think your behavior at a business lunch doesn't matter? I just read a blog from Joel Comm about a consultant who just lost a $25,000 consulting gig because even though the consultant did the inviting, he failed to pick up the check.

Build Better Business Relationships to Reach 2010 Goals!

"Picture everyone with M.M.F.S. on their forehead.... it stands for: Make Me Feel Special." Think about how different your day would be if you did that with everyone you meet today! You would start to feel a positive energy coming back to you.