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Speaker Robin Jay on The KEYS to Sales Success

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The FIRST Key has to do with your personality. Can you succeed with a sour personality? Perhaps. But think about how much easier it would be to succeed if people actually ENJOYED doing business with you!

KEY #1:

Are business cards still viable? In today’s digital world, a card is a tangible asset. Discover Robin’s secrets for becoming memorable in Key #2.

KEY #2:

In Key #3, Robin shares some incredible tips for working any room! If you’ve ever found yourself feeling out of place at a networking event, Robin’s tips will show you the PAINLESS way to build your network.

KEY #3:

Have you ever thought about PREPARING for casual conversation? It’s Robin’s 4th Key, and it’s something very few give thought to!

KEY #4:

Robin has a special way to grow your network among some of the most influential people in your community. Check out KEY #5 for her secret.

KEY #5:

One of the most misunderstood aspects of networking is the ELEVATOR PITCH! How does yours stack up according to Robin’s guidelines?

KEY #6:

The 7th and final key is the most unexpected mistake that many people make AFTER attending a networking event. You won’t believe the difference it can make to your success!

KEY #7:

If you have any questions about ANY of these Keys, I want to hear from you! Please email me (Robin at RobinJay dot com) with your questions. I also love hearing anecdotes about crazy situations! Did you ever have an encounter that left you stumped? I’d love to share it with my audiences. Please reach out!
I wish you the VERY BEST SUCCESS as you ramp up your NETWORKING game!

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