PCMA Convention Notes

FORBES insights FaceToFace

PCMA convention attendees – and anyone else who wants to view this fantastic report – just click the link here to open the FORBES Insights report on doing business face-to-face.

I predict that meetings will soon become hybrids – a combination of face-to-face meetings with the key decision makers on site and additional attendees  […]

Sinatra @ Wynn Las Vegas – MUST SEE!

... not a line of dialogue. Instead, we see dancers in a nightclub dance their way through a love story. The music is Sinatra's original studio recordings backed by a 17-piece big band. The dancing is incredible -I felt as if I was watching a classic painting that moved.

How Come I Don’t Weigh 300 Pounds?

Agricultural subsidies have the net effect of reducing the costs of food production and allowing food manufacturers, restaurant companies, and fast food chains to increase portion size while reducing food costs.

Gratitude for the PERFECT PITCH

Let me start by asking you about how you define yourself; what do you say when you meet someone new? Can you explain who you are and what you do in a tantalizing 10 words or less?

Cheap Client Gifts They’ll Treasure

With the holidays approaching, business professionals everywhere are wondering how they are going to get through the season without going broke - especially at the end of a year that was, for many, anything but ROBUST. Fear not, my friends, I have some simple, affordable solutions.

Use Text & Tech to Create MORE “Face Time”

a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated: Most people love texting because THEY can reach YOU, but YOU can't reach THEM! What's up with THAT?! Read the article here - it's called Y U Luv Texts, H8 Calls!