Do you work with some people who just don’t seem to understand you?  Or perhaps you don’t understand them or what makes them tick. Do you sometimes feel that you aren’t even speaking the same language? If so, you’ll be delighted to find out that you may be having trouble communicating with others because you really aren’t speaking their language! Even though we may all be speaking English, we relate to each other differently.

cranium-gearsThe S.E.L.F. Personality Profile will help audiences to gain greater understanding of how others process information and relate to those around them.  Gaining this understanding will improve our ability to communicate with others and in doing so, improve productivity.

  • Do you prefer to lead or take direction?
  • Do you enjoy working with others, or prefer to work alone?

We each relate to the world around us based upon our tendency to lead or take direction. Couple that with our preference to work with others or by ourselves and you will come up with four distinct personality profiles. When we learn to identify the different characteristics of each dimension, our ability to communicate is improved and we no longer encounter the stumbling blocks that used to hold us back.

This information is then combined with how we each perceive the world around us through our various senses. The S.E.L.F. Personality Profile is a fun, interactive presentation that will, in 60 minutes or less, teach audience members a better way to communicate and relate to those around them, eliminating frustration and challenges to progress. Teams will be able to incorporate this information immediately for outstanding results and improved communication.